Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Book for Tough Times--or for Good Times

HAPPY NEW YEAR, all you rollin' rockin', readin' guys out there! This is about a week late, but the Iron Guy has been busy lately, reading good books for guys and coming up with New Year's resolutions. (More about that next week!) But right now I want to talk about a good book for times like these. 2010 was a rough year for a lot of people--including the library. Everyone hopes 2011 will be better but, even so, it could be a year in which we need a lot of inspiration. So what better way to start off this year with a review of a good and inspiring book? That would be Heart of a Student Athlete: All-Pro Advice for Competitors and Their Families by Karl Mecklenburg.

Mr. Mecklenburg was NFL player for the Denver Broncos. He was an all-pro captain and went to three Super Bowls. Yet he was not born under a lucky star; he was 310th pick in the NFL draft and had to overcome a lot of obstacles to play pro ball. He achieved his dreams, though--in fact, he exceeded them by a very long shot. In this book he shares the six keys to success. What are they? Well, you'll just have to read it to to find out! But you'll have a good time as you do! Karl Mecklenburg doesn't just give a lot of advice, he tells stories from his life and his NFL career, including:

  • How crazy some cities can be over their teams (read the section about the Broncos going to Cleveland!)
  • What it's like to play in the Super Bowl (and why the actual game is sort of an anticlimax)
  • The good guys of the NFL--you always hear about the bad boys, but, in the very first chapter, Karl Mecklenburg talks about the good things his teammates have done since retiring from the NFL
  • The Zone--why all the hard work pays off

I enjoyed this book. The advice is solid and the stories are interesting. The book isn't perfect; there were a couple of places when he talked about some of his games and I had trouble understanding what happened. But these are minor flaws in a really good book. (Besides, I got this book as an advanced reading copy--which means that a very nice publisher sent it to me before the book came out--and those flaws may have been corrected) If you're into football, if you're not into football, or if you're a guy trying to figure out what life is about, this book is very much worth your time.
PS--Since Charlotte is in Mecklenburg county, how could I not like a book by Karl Mecklenburg!


Doret said...

I would love to read the chapter about the good guys

Today, I just finished I Beat the Odds by Micheal Oher

Oher is the Left Tackle for the Ravens. The player featured in Michael Lewis book Blindside.

It was very good. It would be a great read for Teens.

Iron Guy Carl said...

That would be a great book for Teens. My wife and I enjoyed the movie and I didn't know he wrote a book. Would be worth reading. BTW, I grew up in Memphis and looked for landmarks in the movie but didn't see any. I think it was filmed in Atlanta.

Doret said...

It was filmed in Atlanta. Actually more movies are being filmed here, though I never see anyone.

The book comes out Feb.8

Iron Guy Carl said...

Thanks! I'll look for the book.

Jim Randolph said...

Good to see your blog again! I hadn't checked it out since you guy told me you didn't want me on your "follow" list.

That's one of the things I like about this Comment Challenge. I get to see blogs I haven't checked out in a while.

Keep up the good work.

Debbie Diesen said...

Found your blog via the MotherReader comment challenge - I've really enjoyed reading the entries!

Ms. Yingling said...

Always need more sports books! I'll have to take a look at this one.

Iron Guy Carl said...

This would be a good one. It's geared more toward high-school or upper middle kids. Not for content, just for reading level.