Wednesday, November 26, 2008

beware the truce!

I know I am putting myself in a dangerous position by doing this, but as a Jedi I must always do the right thing. I must remind the great and kind CARLMAN that the truce offering of a Sith is a dangerous thing to accept.

I must remind everyone of the last truth the dastardly Darth Bill entered into resulted in an attack at WordPlay Saturday.
CARLMAN, the Jedi can not always be there to protect you, but we will do our best.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (even you Sith)!!!

The CARLMAN Accepts the Truce

The Great and Powerful CARLMAN does not mind the taunting of a sith, for I know that my mighty power comes from reading. Yet, since Darth Bill has been good enough to propose a truce, it is no more than right that I agree, in keeping with my noble and genrous nature. Besides, I did not mean to impugn his honor (honor??? Do sith have honor???) but only to hasten his response to a challenge. Now that it is done, balance has been restored to the Force and all is well in the galaxy. And since he has shown the courage to accept the challenge, he may no longer be called a

but a fearless


Have a great Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purple Haze All In My Brain/Some Sith Revenge

Hello, all my friends out there in the land of Blog. It is I once again, the most infamous Sith to work in the Charlotte Library System. It has come to my attention that some of the "powers that be" on this "Boys Rule, Boys Read" have been attacking me with no cause or reason to be doing so. So they leave me no alternative than to (drum roll please)...............Strike Back!!!!!!! First I will respond to the so called "Master Jedi Zack." I will take up your challenge and read the the first "Gregor The Overlander" book. Not only that but I will post my not so humble opinion of what I thought of it.

The Jedi Council questioning Zack's Recklessness??????

Now as painful as this is to me, I must address a disturbing trend from The Great and Powerful Carlman. It seems that without any provocation on my part he has questioned my honor. He has sunk so low as to call me a chicken; does this ring any bells:

I also have my suspicions that The Carlman thinks quite a bit of himself. Did you know in his last blog he called himself awesome once, great twice, powerful twice and said his own name "The Carlman" at least six times. What's up with that? Since I have been pushed into this corner to defend myself, I must show an incident I'm sure The Great, Powerful and Awesome Carlman would prefer I not share with the public. Well here it is:

Well, I'm willing to call a truce to a battle this sweet and innocent Sith never started if you guys are? If not I'll just keep taunting you!!!!!!!

Just The Facts Biographies: Jimi Hendrix by Rebecca Poole - First off I must confess that before I even picked up this biography I considered Jimi Hendrix the most talented person to ever play the electric guitar. I have been a big fan of his since I was 12 (I'm somewhat older than that now). This biography does an excellent job of telling the story of how Jimi Hendrix grew up from a small boy with an exceptional, natural talent to play the guitar to the ultimate axe player second to none! It tells, along with his life story, how he never gave up pursuing his dream of being a recognized rock 'n' roll musician despite how he was ignored and even rejected by almost everyone in the music industry. It also shows what a kind and gentle poet he was at heart. His story is a tragedy in one way, in that he left us way before his time, but it is also a celebration of his great achievements and life. From his highest points to his not so great parts in life, this biography does a wonderful job of letting the reader peak into the life that was Jimi Hendrix's.

Jimi rockin out our National Anthem at Woodstock!!!!!!!

Spider-Man Family: Itsy-Bitsy Battles by various - This graphic novel rocks hard, just like Jimi's playing the guitar. Let's see, besides be chock full of the ultra cool Spider-Man, he is also joined by The Fantastic Four, Kazar, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Ice Man, Marvel Girl, and The Incredible Hulk. The GN has five fantastic stories that puts these heroes up against such villains as The Looter (a total nut job), Stegron (part human/part dinosaur), Arsenal (a machine of destruction created by Tony Stark's dad), and Dr. Octopus among others. There is lots of adventure, good will and comedy to make this GN the bomb. So do yourself a favor and check this one out as soon as possible!!!!!!

Well until next time, peace out all,


The Awesome Power of the CARLMAN

We've had a couple of people write in to us lately with good comments and questions. (You can read them in the "comments" section under the posts) Yesterday a librarian from Arkansas asked where to find the list of books that have been reviewed so far. It's in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page under a section titled, "Here are some links to some really great sites--you'll find some cool books here." In that section is a link that says, "Here is a list of all the books that we've talked about..." (It's right above the James Ransome link and just below the Guys Read blog link) Take a look at it, guys. You'll find a lot of great stuff there--chapter books, graphic novels, nonfiction, etc. Each book also has the date on which it was reviewed, so you can go back and read what we and your fellow guys have said. Some books on that list are underlined; that means those reviews have been sent in by YOU!!! There have been a LOT of books reviewed by YOU. So go and see!!! And this list can be printed--so print one and impress your teachers, parents, librarians, and other adults.

The second comment comes from anonymous--I think the same one who sent us that review of The Stardust Kid yesterday. (don't froget to come to Imaginon or Matthews and get your free book) He said:
Now I know, in fact, WE ALL know, you ARE the Great and Powerful Carlman.....but do you really want to go and poke Darth Bill with a Light Saber?????? This seems to me to be just asking for trouble.I don't believe in all the history of Jedis and Siths, I have ever heard of a Sith backing down from a challenge. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

You must understand, anonymous, that the Great and Powerful CARLMAN is not afraid of anything so paltry as a light saber. Have you ever heard the old saying that "the pen is mightier than the sword"? Well, the CARLMAN knows that the pen (or the keybaord) is infinitely more poswerful than the light saber. Reading is power, guys, and that is where the Great and Powerful CARLMAN derives his awesome might. The CARLMAN has traveled many hundreds of years through time and space and has seen how reading has toppled empires, freed people, and changed history. Frederick Douglas raised himself from slavery when he learned to read. Thomas Paine helped start a revolution in the American colonies with his pamphlet Common Sense, and Charles Dickens's books ended terrible working conditions in England--and almost single-handedly revived Christmas with A Christmas Carol. Even today, bloggers are making dictatorial governments admit things they try to cover up. So keep at it, guys! READING IS POWER!!! One day, perhaps, one of YOU will run a guys' reading blog. Then boys everywhere will find about terrific books from the Awesome ANONYMOUS, the Sensationally Superpowered CYBER KID, Magnificent and Mighty MIKEY (aka Lord Vader), or the Beyond the Imagination BRUNER BOYS!!!!

BTW, anonymous, I have requested The Stardust Kid from another branch. It'll take a copuple or three days to get here. Can't wait! Also, I have never seen a sith back down from a challenge either. I just have to wonder howhe is.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Graphic Novel Review!

Hey, guys, we have a new review of a graphic novel. anonymous sent it just this afternoon. He responded to the post about the Owly graphic novel from 11-18. Let's hear him:

: )! Just to show I DO read books with LOTS of words, I'm now sending in a review for "The Stardust Kid"by J.M. Dematteis and Mike Ploog.I believe it was first a comic series. What I just finished was the graphic novel version.

Cody DiMarco, Alana, K.M. & Nathaniel find themselves going on a strange adventure to search for the mysterious Stardust Kid to save the world as they know it, after Cody's friend Paul Brightfield disappears. One important thing to keep in mind is Paul isn't human. Instead, he is a magical being.

The story is very exciting. The drawings are detailed and the colors are bright! There is a nice balance between realistic and fantastic. I think anyone in the 4th grade and older wouldn't have any problem reading this excellent book.

Well, thanks, anonymous!! This one sure sounds good! The library has copies and I'm excited about seeing it. All our copies at Imaginon are checked out, though, so I'll have to get one from another branch. I think Darth Bill would like it too, since he's the comics meister at our place. Have you seen this one, Zack? BTW, the Great and Powerful CARLMAN wonders why Darth Bill has not responded to Master Jedi Zack's challenge yet. Do you think Bill is---Hmmmmmmm????

The Great and Powerful CARLMAN

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey, Fellow Knuckleheads!!

Have I got a great book for you!!! It's Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka (pronounced "fresca") He's one of the funniest writers out there, especially for guys. How'd he get to be so funny? By growing up as the second-oldest of six brothers, hiding in "foxholes" and throwing dirt-clod "grenades", and trying to name African babies after famous baseball players. And that's just part of it!! This book is really funny and quick to read--each "chapter" is only 2-3 pages long. And it's full of great old photos of him, his family, his models, and a broken collar bone that make it funnier and more real. A great book for guys, especially if you have brothers. (I don't) AND I can tell you all how real this book is (even if the stories like babysitting through tying the youngest brother to the bed with the father's ties might be hard to believe) because I grew up in the same time, read the same comics, and the story in Chapter17----the same thing happened to me!!!Carl

PS--check out these two Jon Scieszka books:

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales and

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Yeah, they're picture books, but they're funny--especially for guys!!

AND--The great and powerful CARLMAN wonders if Darth Bill is up to Master Jedi Zack's challenge!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

one other thing...

I have to agree with "the mysterious stranger," that the Gregor the Overlander books are outstanding. A friend gave me the first one as a gift a while back and I must say it is probably my favorite series ever!!!

I challenge Darth Bill to read the books and try to tell me that I'm wrong!

I'm under here somewhere!

Hello everyone, the one and only Master Jedi Zack here.

I've been quiet for a little while because I've been buried under a pile of wonderful books. So many wonderful books that I can't even get through them all!!! Two books that I recently finished are Frankenstein Makes and Sandwich and Frankenstein Takes the Cake, both are by Adam Rex. The books are pure awesome and really funny.

Other books I am currently reading and will write about soon (hopefully!) are...
Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones (yay, new Alcatraz book!)
Lincoln Through the Lens
You Smell Dead
and finally The Icy Hand (book 2 in the Something Wickedly Weird series)

That's all for now, I'm going back under my pile of books now! Always a nice thing to do when it is cold outside.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And We Have Another One--About the Owly Graphic Novel!

Yes, my friends, we have another review today! You all are sharp!

Ha, ha, ha. Don't tax my brain!! Har, har har!! I get the point! Oh, hardee har har!!!!!!!!!
Well, let's hear from anonymous before I pass out from laughing:

I'd like to post a book review.Owly, Volume 5 : Tiny Tales by Andy RuntonI know most of the folks who read this blog read books with lots of words in them. I offer this book that doesn't use words to tell the stories. "Tiny Tales" is the 5th graphic novel in the Owly series.Along with the stories is a section called "How to Draw Owly". I hope you check out this great book and tell your friends about it too.

Thanks, anonymous! Yes, most of our readers like books with lots of words, but we try to look out for everyone here. That's we also like to hear about books with few words--or NO words! All our Owly graphic novels are checked out or I'd go get one and look at it now. You've made me curious. I'll keep my eyes open for them!

Don't forget to come and get your free book!

Sophia Sends Us Another One--About the Island Trilogy! And Jason Writes About the Blackboard Bear

Hey, everyone, this is Carl. We have a new review from Sophia, that nice and intelligent girl from Metrolina Regional Scholar's Acacemy. I thought she had tried a hostile takeover of our blog, but as you will see, I was mistaken. She didn't want a takeover; she only wanted the free books! Well, as we've said before, we don't mind when girls write in; in fact, we welcome them and give them the greatest honor we can bestow by making them Honorary Guys!! And to show how fair, impartial, and generous we are, I'll also give this review to Ellen the Excellent, who started the very-awesome Girls Read Girls Rule (the World) blog. You'll be the first one to have your review appear in two blogs!!!

Island: Book One: Shipwreck

This book is by Gordon Korman. Even though this isn't about the book, I need to explain something to you guys. OK, so I'm a girl, that doesn't mean I want to take over your website. I just think your website is totally awesome! I love reading. Now, Shipwreck is the first book in the Island series. It's about a bunch of of boys and girls who were on a boat, then the boat got in this storm,and the six kids got washed up on a desrted island.

I think you should read this book, it's awesome and I love it!! Gordon Korman is a very good writer and I think you shou;d read all his books. The ones I like his Island series, Dive series, and his Everest series.

Most likely they're at a library, but if you want, you could also buy the books. They're cool. In the Island series, there are two girls and four boys. In the next book, Survival, they have to survive on the island until the can Escape, book three. Gordon Korman writes awesome books!!

Thanks, Sophia, and thanks for the compliments about our blog. We think you're pretty awesome too. A lot of kids have been reading the Island series lately; look at the posts from 11-6 and 10-29 to see what Koko B. Ware from the Guys Read blog had to say about it. BTW, I'm sending out a word of sympathy to our good friend Koko B. Ware--he lost his grandmother earlier this month and we know that must be hard for him. Take a moment and send a comment of sympathy on his post about it.
(PS--Gordon Korman really is a good writer. If you'd like to see other things we and your fellow readers have said about his books, click on the label at the bottom of this post that says "Gordon Korman")

And here's one from our new friend Jason:

The title of this story is I'll Never Share You, Blackboard Bear. I think the story iscalled The Blackboard Bear because a bear came off a blackboard. I think this story is a fairy tale because a bear can't come off a blackboard. This story is aminly about a boy named Anthony that drew the bear off the blackboard. Anthony will never give away the bear for nothing. The bear has told him to share and Anthony did what he had said. Finally everyone came happy.

And thanks to you, Jason! Here's a picture of him with his free book. Now I have to say that Jason outsmarted us--he wrote a review of a picture book!! I did tell him yesterday that he coudl get his free book if he wrote a review, so he wrote one right here in the library! Of course, I didn't say what kind of book it had to be! But I did tell him afterwards, as I'm telling all you out there, that your reviews need to be about chapter books or graphic novels or nonfiction (of more than 32 pages!) or biographies (ditto!)--in other words, you all are old enough to handle longer books! So don't just run in here or Matthews, read some picture book in 5 minutes, and expect to get your free book!!! To tell the truth, Jason didn't really try to trick us--he really didn't know. And we gave him credit for making a good effort. Besides, I'll Never Share You, Blackboard Bear by Martha Alexander is a good story about loving something so much that you don't want to share it and what happens when others ask you to share. It's good for young kids and older readers too. In fact, once I recommended a picture book to a grownup. Not for his son or daughter, but for him!! He worked for a bank, was going to make a presentation to other bankers, and wanted a simple picture book about not giving up. So I showed him The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kraus, one of the simplest picture books I know but one of the best. And the man checked it out!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Of Pirates, Gregor the Overlander and The Sunken Kingdom

Arrrrrhhhhhhhh me harteys,

Tis I Captain Bootstrap Bill, the Stinkiest Sea Dog to sail the Seven Seas. Me plunder today are two book reviews. So lets set sail for adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before we start however, I'd like to share a picture of one of my favorite Pirates "Blackbeard" (smile when ya say that name stranger!)!!!!!!

Blackbeard fighting Lieutenant Maynard in his final battle!!!!!

Okay back to book reviews, with our first being submitted by The Mysterious Stranger:

The Gregor the Overlander Series by Susan Collins - Out of all the Book Series I have read, the "Gregor the Overlander Series" by Susan Collins is one of my all time favorites. Gregor discovers an underground cavern filled with cool, interesting and dangerous things. Giant talking Rats, huge Bats and quiet but smart Cockroaches make up some of the "Underland" Creatures. Any fan of "The Lord of the Rings" should like these books. Even though 10 to 12 year old themed, fights, romance, danger and adventure made me like them completely.

Great review Mysterious Stranger!!!!! I have not had a chance to look at these books yet, but will be sure to set aside time now to do so. I hope you enjoy the books you received as a part of this review!!!! Be sure to write back in and let us know.

Here is a list of the books in the Gregor the Overlander Series owned by the library system and there availability:

Gregor the Overlander

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

Gregor and the Marks of Secret

Gregor and the Code of Claw

Now I would like to talk about the first book in a series called "The Sunken Kingdom." I have just finished reading the first book in the series and can't wait to read the next.

The Sunken Kingdom - Ghost Ship by Kim Wilkins - This story is about two orphaned children Asa and Rollo who are of royal descent and in hiding. Their parents were betrayed and killed by the evil court magician Flood. Not only did he kill their parents but caused a great flood so that the entire kingdom is now at the bottom of a great and dangerous ocean. They find out from a mysterious visitor named Egil Cripplehand that their youngest sister, Una, who they thought dead also is very much alive and being held captive by a Witch. With this information, the gift of a magical longship along with important information they did not know about themselves from Egil Cripplehand, they set out on a dangerous but exciting adventure to rescue Una. Read the book and find out what happens. I really enjoyed it!!!!!

Well until next time reading adventures, peace,


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Announcing the Recite The Gettysburg Address Contest!

"Fourscore and seven years ago..." Have you ever heard those words before? Then you'll recognize the beginning of what may be the most famous and most important speech in American history. On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered that address at a ceremony setting aside a cemetary for those killed at the battle of Gettysburg. Lincoln didn't think he did well that day, but as the speech got printed in the papers and traveled across the country, people soon realized that those few words defined, better than anything else, what America was all about.

In honor of the 145th anniversary of that speech, the Boys Rule Boys Read blog is holding a Recite the Gettysburg Address Contest! We will give a prize to any boy who can recite from memory the Gettysburg Address to Bill, Carl, or Zack. Does that sound impossible? Well, just remember that the whole Gettysburg Address is only 272 words long and can be said in about 2 minutes. (We'll give you proof in a minute)

Here are the rules:

1. Call Imaginon or the Matthews library to set up a time to recite the address to Bill, Carl, or Zack. Please call first. Don't just show up! Call 704-973-2720 for Imaginon or 704-416-5000 for Matthews and set up a time with whoever answers the phone. They'll give us the message.

2. Show up at the time and recite the address. If it's OK with you, we'll record you and put it on the blog. (You might even show up on You Tube!) Then claim your prize!

That's it!! Easy enough, huh? The first six boys who recite the address at Imaginon will get a card good for 2 free slices at the Fuel Pizza at 6th and College St. (The card's good only at that location, but you could go to Imaginon, recite, and get your pizza afterward!)

The contest will start today and go until 6 pm on Sunday, November 30 (UPDATE!!! You now have until 6:00 pm on Saturday, December 6 to call and set up a time. You do not have to recite it by then, but you do have to call). Good luck, guys! Can't wait to see (and hear) you!

PS--We told you the whole thing can be done in about 2 minutes. Here's proof: Jeff Daniels who starred in the movie Gettysburg as Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, whose quick thinking and coolness under fire led to an amazing victory that may have won the battle. Jeff Daniels recites the Gettysburg Address here.

You see--just over 2 minutes! BTW, do you know what Joshua Chamberlain did before the Civil War? He was a college professor! Of Rhetoric! (which is a fancy word for publlic speaking) That shows that guys who read can be tough guys!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cyber Kid Solves "The Big Head Mystery"

Hello all, it is I, Captain Bootstrap/Darth Bill!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the case some said was to tough to crack has been solved. Remember this:

No one knew who "The Mystery Big Head" belonged to, but through super sleuthing skills second not even to the famous Sherlock Holmes Cyber Kid has revealed the truth!!!!! Here it is straight from Cyber Kid's mouth:

Hey Darth Bill! Congratulations on getting married. It was good seeing you back at the library today. You're wedding looks like it was fun. The mystery head is Carl! I've seen it enough to know.

Yes you are correct Cyber Kid. My hat is off to you for your "always get your man" wickedly cool detective skills. So now lets see the front of "The Mystery Big Head" and let the truth be known:

Yes Cyber Kid, "The Mystery Big Head" is indeed The Carlman!!!!!!! I know I will sleep easier tonight with this case being solved. Come by here or Matthews and get you free book. You've earned it Chief Detective!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Congrats to Darth Bill, Remembering Those Who Served, and Some Awesome Nonfiction

So that's where Darth Bill was all this time! And we just thought he tried to escape the just revenge of the Pumpkin-Faced Beasts. No, we really knew what happened and we couldn't be happier. Bill's a great guy and I'm sure that you, like us, wish him every happiness in his new life.

Today is Veteran's Day, the day to honor those who've served in the armed forces to protect the great life we have in this great country. A lot of people have made tremendous sacrifices so we could do things that we don't even think about, like vote for whoever we want. Or read whatever we want. Or get on a blog and say whatever we want without worrying that someone will take us away if we say the wrong thing. So if you know anyone who's in the military or has been in the past, be sure to thank him or her.

As I said, a lot of brave people endured great hardships for our freedom. Here are four books with unbelievable stories about four men who led troops in the Revolutionary War. These hardcore believers in liberty hid in swamps, went hungry, had their homes and farms burned, camped in snow without shoes or blankets, fought armies much bigger than their own, and and went broke spending massive amounts of their own money to supply their troops---all so we could be free. These four books are quick, exciting, and thrillling. They all have glossaries, which are like mini-dictionaries, in the back so you don't confused by unfamiliar words. They also have good recommendations of other books and some very interesting-looking websites. (I can't wait to look them up!) The books are:

Anthony Wayne: American General by Patricai Grabowski

If you like history books that are dull and boring, then don't get them!! But if you like exciting stories about real people, then these are for you!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in Time and Space with a side of Marriage!

A great deal of people that follow this blog are probably wondering where I have been of late? Well I have not been hiding from pumpkin headed aliens as "The Carlman" so dastardly implied, but on an adventure unlike any other!!!!

I know many of you know me as the formidable Sith Lord Darth Bill, but I must reveal another character, or side of my personality, you may not be aware of: "Luke (Skywalker that is) I am also Pirate Captain Bootstrap Bill, Scourge of the Seven Seas. Arrrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!" See below for a picture of a scallywag so fearsome it promises to at the very least make you sigh and scratch your head (he's not quite right me thinks?????).

Okay, okay here is the truth as best I can do - Sith and Pirates are very bad at telling the truth at times; it's an occupational hazard/requirement. I married me bonnie lass, Valerie, that I have been madly in love with for some time. I checked the rule books and they indeed said that for both Sith and Pirates marriage is perfectly fine and even encouraged!!! I will still be as evil as ever just married also. My bride does not need to know about me blowing up the occasional planet with my Death Star. I'm afraid to report that she definitely shows some of those darn loving and "Can't We All Get Along" Jedi teachings. Oh well the heart does not chose who we will love and I will try to overlook some of her faults and she mine (I hope).

Here is a picture of my lovely bride and me swearing my eternal love to her upon my sword (I will give a free book to the first person to identify the back of the head in the forefront. This is not a joke. Identify "The Mystery Head" and win a free book.). She is indeed the greatest treasure I have or will ever find!!!!!! I love you now and forever Valerie!!!!!

Well enough talk of love and marriage, let me tell you about a really great book I recently finished:

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - If you like Science Fiction, you will love this book. This book is set in an Earth future where humanity is recovering from a massive invasion, which was repulsed by Earth Forces, from an alien species that are called Buggers because of there insect like looks and manners. Because of reasons that are eventually revealed in the book, children are looked to as the military commanders who will ultimately defeat the alien Buggers. In this not so cherry future Ender Wiggins is born. Ender is special, among many other reasons, in that he is a third child. In this Earth's future parents are only allowed to have two children. Because of the brilliance of his two older siblings and due to their short comings, Ender is allowed to be born. The Earth's International Fleet, made up of military personal from many different Earth Nations, takes in children who are exceptional in some manner to train them to lead armies to defeat the Buggers. Children are taken as early as six years old to begin this training in an outer space station known as Battle School. Ender is a brilliant military mind and recognized for it by all, which is both a blessing and a curse. Ender is set up in a no win situation by the adult officers of the International Fleet. They harass, push, and take Ender to the breaking point to make him the commander who will defeat the Bugger Forces once and for all. No one asks Ender how he feels about all this and if they did they would not like the answer. Ender wants only peace and certainly not to hurt anyone ever. A fascinating read about the duality of human nature; To strike out and crush that we do not understand or to seek to understand others so that peace can rule the day. I highly recommend this book and hope some of you out there in the Land of Blog give it a go.

Until next time me harteys!!!!!!



Friday, November 7, 2008

Cyber Kid Rocks Democracy!

Do you guys remember my telling you all in the November 3 post to encourage your parents, siblings, cousins, etc. to vote? Well, our friend cyber kid 303 not only talked the talk, but he went and campaigned for the candidates he believed in! Here's a picture:

And here's another one of him handing out water to the thirsty people who stood in those long lines:

I've said before that it's important to be a good reader, but it's just as important (or even more so) to be a good guy. Cyber kid shows how you can be both.

Now the great and powerful CARLMAN'S mission is to find good books for you guys, not to recommend one political party over another or tell you who to vote for. If you read enough, you'll be able to figure that out for yourselves. Reading exercisies your brains. If you do it enough, you'll build up your smarts and not be fooled by some slick politician (of any party) who tries to blow smoke at you. Some of you older readers might be able to vote in 2012, and most of you should be old enough by 2016. That's why I always tell you--

Reading is important, guys!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Even More From Koko B. Ware!

Hey, everyone, even the great and powerful CARLMAN gets a cold sometimes, I had a really bad one and had to stay home yesterday but I'm back in the galaxy again. We've just got a new review from our good friend Koko B. Ware from the Guys Read blog. He talked the second book in the Isalnd trilogy by Gordon Korman on October 29; today he writes about the first one.

Hey FellasI have just now like 5 minutes ago finished the first book of the " Island " series. I STRONGLY recommend it. So heres how it goes, the six children( Charla, Lyssa, Ian, J.J, Will and Luke) are all sent on this boat/program called Charting a New Course, or shorter, CNC. So those six children have been sent to this program for different reasons. Such as Luke's case where he is framed for possesing a weapon in his locker when his "friend" Reese actually hid it in there. However another character, Ian, was shipped off for WATCHING TOO MUCH TV. So next time your parents say " get off your butt and get active ", oh have I heard that wayyy too many times, listen too 'em! Anyways, they all have differentiating reasons, but they all get sent off to one place... CNC. And so, There is the captain James Cascadden and the Mate Mr.Radford A.K.A Rat-Face by the "inmates". To make a long story short, they all get caught up in a huge, I mean 12-20 ft swells!, storm and genius Son-Of-An-Actor J.J lane, with his patented brattish atitude goin' on, decides that it would be a good idea to put up the sails in 80 mph gusts.Therefore the boat tips as the sail is snapped open from the brutal winds and good ol Capt. Cascadden is thrown over-board. Then a series of unfortunate events occur. Please excuse the use of another title but it just seemed appropriate. As Ratface wants to turn around the engine dies, the sleeping qurters are flooded and the baot beggins to tilt, gasp.'!, ultimatly leaving the stranded captain to die. And as I said before in the first comment I believe, Rat-Face left with all the food on the 24 ft dhingy leaving the kids to die. As I always say " When the going gets Ugly, the ugly get going." Hahahaha. Please excuse my little pun.Whew! So when little Mrs. perfect, Lyssa, repairs the motor, the fumes in the engine room ignite from the engine sputtering to life and the boat ends up sinking in to the Pacific Ocean. Two of the kids are lost, Lyssa and J.J but the others amnage to reach and uncharted island way out in the Pacific.
Koko B. Ware

Thanks, Koko! You are going to LOVE that third book! You thought things looked bad for those kids in the first two books---just you wait!!! Go find it, guys!!!
PS--did you know that Gordon Korman has written the second book in The 39 Clues series. Won't that be great???
PPS--Bruner Boys, where are you?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More From Koko B. Ware!

It sure is good to hear from firends. We have have another couple of comments from Koko B. Ware, one of the guys at the Guys Read blog.

Hey Guys,Thank you soooo much. I cant believe you actually put my post up. Plus the free book, you guys dont know how cool that is. You know we put that little P.S thing as a joke, but hey i'll take a book any day of the week, hence the membership of GUYS READ. Well I think ill keep comin' back to put up more comment/reviews. Keep on posting.

Your friend, from a different part of NC, Koko B. Ware on behalf of the Guys Read book club

Oh yeah,I am just now beggining the first and third book. (of the Island trilogy) Not really the way that the author intended for it to be ready, but hey, im not your average guy. Im Special ;)Ur club ROX !!!!!!Koko B. Ware

Thanks! Your club rocks, too. I've got a book for you, but we're so busy that it might take a couple more days to send it. Be patient, B. Ware!

And a question----where are you, Bruner Boys??? We used to hear from you every Tuesday, but it's been a while. Have you disappeared into a wormhole? Did you go straight to the Delta Quadrant? Let us hear from you!! Gotta go.
The Great and Powerful CARLMAN

Monday, November 3, 2008

I't's Official! The Boys Have Spoken And Percy Jackson Is President!

Or would be if boys could vote!I think Percy Jacson and Annabeth Chase would be totally cool as president and vice president, don't you? Let's see--that would make Clarisse Secretary of Defense, Grover, the Secretary of the Interior...could you think of any more positions the Percy Jackson characters could fill? PJ and AC were the overwhelming favorites, getting 20 of the 45 votes. Well done, guys! Be sure to tell your parents and older brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. to vote tomorrow. There are a lot of places in this world where people would love to vote in their own leaders but can't. A lot of people went through a lot of trouble and pain to be sure that everyone in this country can vote, so don't take it lightly!! Besides, the whole idea of demcocracy, that is, the people able to elcet their own leaders is another thing we owe to the ancient Greeks--which is another good reason that Percy Jackson should be president!

We're very busy these days and I haven't had time to read much, so I'll tell about something I'm reading. It's Space Cadet by Robert Heinlein. Now this was written a long tiem ago before "space cadet" meant "airhead." Robert Heienlein wrote a lot of sci-fi for grownups and also a lot for boys. A friend, who knew about tbis blog, said I should read some of those Heilein books for boys. So I got a bunch and am digging this one. Matt Dodson is a young guy whose big ambition has been to join the highly-respected interplanetary Space Patrol. It's tough!!! Makes joining the Marines seem like a picnic. Right now Matt has been accepted and taken the oath, so there's no turning back. Now he's got to go through training!!! Ought to be even rougher. AND---sometimes, in Heinlein's books, things aren't always what they seem. What will Matt find if he does get in? Really good so far. Stay tuned, space cadets, for further reports!