Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Congrats to Darth Bill, Remembering Those Who Served, and Some Awesome Nonfiction

So that's where Darth Bill was all this time! And we just thought he tried to escape the just revenge of the Pumpkin-Faced Beasts. No, we really knew what happened and we couldn't be happier. Bill's a great guy and I'm sure that you, like us, wish him every happiness in his new life.

Today is Veteran's Day, the day to honor those who've served in the armed forces to protect the great life we have in this great country. A lot of people have made tremendous sacrifices so we could do things that we don't even think about, like vote for whoever we want. Or read whatever we want. Or get on a blog and say whatever we want without worrying that someone will take us away if we say the wrong thing. So if you know anyone who's in the military or has been in the past, be sure to thank him or her.

As I said, a lot of brave people endured great hardships for our freedom. Here are four books with unbelievable stories about four men who led troops in the Revolutionary War. These hardcore believers in liberty hid in swamps, went hungry, had their homes and farms burned, camped in snow without shoes or blankets, fought armies much bigger than their own, and and went broke spending massive amounts of their own money to supply their troops---all so we could be free. These four books are quick, exciting, and thrillling. They all have glossaries, which are like mini-dictionaries, in the back so you don't confused by unfamiliar words. They also have good recommendations of other books and some very interesting-looking websites. (I can't wait to look them up!) The books are:

Anthony Wayne: American General by Patricai Grabowski

If you like history books that are dull and boring, then don't get them!! But if you like exciting stories about real people, then these are for you!!!


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