Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Graphic Novel Review!

Hey, guys, we have a new review of a graphic novel. anonymous sent it just this afternoon. He responded to the post about the Owly graphic novel from 11-18. Let's hear him:

: )! Just to show I DO read books with LOTS of words, I'm now sending in a review for "The Stardust Kid"by J.M. Dematteis and Mike Ploog.I believe it was first a comic series. What I just finished was the graphic novel version.

Cody DiMarco, Alana, K.M. & Nathaniel find themselves going on a strange adventure to search for the mysterious Stardust Kid to save the world as they know it, after Cody's friend Paul Brightfield disappears. One important thing to keep in mind is Paul isn't human. Instead, he is a magical being.

The story is very exciting. The drawings are detailed and the colors are bright! There is a nice balance between realistic and fantastic. I think anyone in the 4th grade and older wouldn't have any problem reading this excellent book.

Well, thanks, anonymous!! This one sure sounds good! The library has copies and I'm excited about seeing it. All our copies at Imaginon are checked out, though, so I'll have to get one from another branch. I think Darth Bill would like it too, since he's the comics meister at our place. Have you seen this one, Zack? BTW, the Great and Powerful CARLMAN wonders why Darth Bill has not responded to Master Jedi Zack's challenge yet. Do you think Bill is---Hmmmmmmm????

The Great and Powerful CARLMAN


Anonymous said...

Now I know, in fact, WE ALL know, you ARE the Great and Powerful Carlman.....but do you really want to go and poke Darth Bill with a Light Saber?????? This seems to me to be just asking for trouble.
I don't believe in all the history
of Jedis and Siths, I have ever heard of a Sith backing down from a challenge. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Lord Vader said...

I just finished Star Wars:the Clone Wars by Tracey West. I really loved this book. I thought it was funny when Anakin got stuck with a Padawan and he didn't want one. I like when they foil Count Dooku again. I didn't get to see the movie so reading this was great.

A.K.A. Lord Vader