Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purple Haze All In My Brain/Some Sith Revenge

Hello, all my friends out there in the land of Blog. It is I once again, the most infamous Sith to work in the Charlotte Library System. It has come to my attention that some of the "powers that be" on this "Boys Rule, Boys Read" have been attacking me with no cause or reason to be doing so. So they leave me no alternative than to (drum roll please)...............Strike Back!!!!!!! First I will respond to the so called "Master Jedi Zack." I will take up your challenge and read the the first "Gregor The Overlander" book. Not only that but I will post my not so humble opinion of what I thought of it.

The Jedi Council questioning Zack's Recklessness??????

Now as painful as this is to me, I must address a disturbing trend from The Great and Powerful Carlman. It seems that without any provocation on my part he has questioned my honor. He has sunk so low as to call me a chicken; does this ring any bells:

I also have my suspicions that The Carlman thinks quite a bit of himself. Did you know in his last blog he called himself awesome once, great twice, powerful twice and said his own name "The Carlman" at least six times. What's up with that? Since I have been pushed into this corner to defend myself, I must show an incident I'm sure The Great, Powerful and Awesome Carlman would prefer I not share with the public. Well here it is:

Well, I'm willing to call a truce to a battle this sweet and innocent Sith never started if you guys are? If not I'll just keep taunting you!!!!!!!

Just The Facts Biographies: Jimi Hendrix by Rebecca Poole - First off I must confess that before I even picked up this biography I considered Jimi Hendrix the most talented person to ever play the electric guitar. I have been a big fan of his since I was 12 (I'm somewhat older than that now). This biography does an excellent job of telling the story of how Jimi Hendrix grew up from a small boy with an exceptional, natural talent to play the guitar to the ultimate axe player second to none! It tells, along with his life story, how he never gave up pursuing his dream of being a recognized rock 'n' roll musician despite how he was ignored and even rejected by almost everyone in the music industry. It also shows what a kind and gentle poet he was at heart. His story is a tragedy in one way, in that he left us way before his time, but it is also a celebration of his great achievements and life. From his highest points to his not so great parts in life, this biography does a wonderful job of letting the reader peak into the life that was Jimi Hendrix's.

Jimi rockin out our National Anthem at Woodstock!!!!!!!

Spider-Man Family: Itsy-Bitsy Battles by various - This graphic novel rocks hard, just like Jimi's playing the guitar. Let's see, besides be chock full of the ultra cool Spider-Man, he is also joined by The Fantastic Four, Kazar, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Ice Man, Marvel Girl, and The Incredible Hulk. The GN has five fantastic stories that puts these heroes up against such villains as The Looter (a total nut job), Stegron (part human/part dinosaur), Arsenal (a machine of destruction created by Tony Stark's dad), and Dr. Octopus among others. There is lots of adventure, good will and comedy to make this GN the bomb. So do yourself a favor and check this one out as soon as possible!!!!!!

Well until next time, peace out all,


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Warnell said...

Hello--long time reader, first time commenter, thanks for taking my call. I am a baby librarian (in a public school-first year) and found a very cool site I wanted to pass along (if you haven't already seen it). ReadKiddoRead.com is a site designed by Jame Patterson because he is the parent of a boy who is (was) a reluctant reader. There is a page with interviews (Rick Riordan and Jeff Kinney) and LOTS of booklists. I thought it was right up your alley!