Sunday, November 16, 2008

Announcing the Recite The Gettysburg Address Contest!

"Fourscore and seven years ago..." Have you ever heard those words before? Then you'll recognize the beginning of what may be the most famous and most important speech in American history. On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered that address at a ceremony setting aside a cemetary for those killed at the battle of Gettysburg. Lincoln didn't think he did well that day, but as the speech got printed in the papers and traveled across the country, people soon realized that those few words defined, better than anything else, what America was all about.

In honor of the 145th anniversary of that speech, the Boys Rule Boys Read blog is holding a Recite the Gettysburg Address Contest! We will give a prize to any boy who can recite from memory the Gettysburg Address to Bill, Carl, or Zack. Does that sound impossible? Well, just remember that the whole Gettysburg Address is only 272 words long and can be said in about 2 minutes. (We'll give you proof in a minute)

Here are the rules:

1. Call Imaginon or the Matthews library to set up a time to recite the address to Bill, Carl, or Zack. Please call first. Don't just show up! Call 704-973-2720 for Imaginon or 704-416-5000 for Matthews and set up a time with whoever answers the phone. They'll give us the message.

2. Show up at the time and recite the address. If it's OK with you, we'll record you and put it on the blog. (You might even show up on You Tube!) Then claim your prize!

That's it!! Easy enough, huh? The first six boys who recite the address at Imaginon will get a card good for 2 free slices at the Fuel Pizza at 6th and College St. (The card's good only at that location, but you could go to Imaginon, recite, and get your pizza afterward!)

The contest will start today and go until 6 pm on Sunday, November 30 (UPDATE!!! You now have until 6:00 pm on Saturday, December 6 to call and set up a time. You do not have to recite it by then, but you do have to call). Good luck, guys! Can't wait to see (and hear) you!

PS--We told you the whole thing can be done in about 2 minutes. Here's proof: Jeff Daniels who starred in the movie Gettysburg as Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, whose quick thinking and coolness under fire led to an amazing victory that may have won the battle. Jeff Daniels recites the Gettysburg Address here.

You see--just over 2 minutes! BTW, do you know what Joshua Chamberlain did before the Civil War? He was a college professor! Of Rhetoric! (which is a fancy word for publlic speaking) That shows that guys who read can be tough guys!!!

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