Saturday, February 6, 2016

Legends of the Game--A Good Book to Read Before or After the Big You-Know-What

Greetings, all you reading guys out there in this big wide blogging world. Today the Iron Guy is going to use all his iron self-control and talk quietly and calmly about a really good book that's about football. I think this topic is entirely appropriate because the CAROLINA PANTHERS ARE GOING TO BE IN THE


Excuse me, I got a little carried away. 

As I was saying, this book is a good one and it's been fun reading it this week RIGHT BEFORE THE PANTHERS AND CAM NEWTON AMAZE THE ENTIRE WORLD AT 


OK, ok, let me take a few deep breaths here--in,out, in, out. 

There, that's better.

I just can't help being excited right now. In fact, the whole city of Charlotte feels the same way because we're not only going to the historic Super Bowl 50 but we're going with the best team we've ever had and the most incredible quarterback this town has ever seen. No wonder we're all a bit hyper, giddy and barely able to contain ourselves. 

But I really did find a truly cool book and it's Legends: The Best Players, Games and Teams in Football by Howard Bryant. I've enjoyed it a lot. Mr. Bryant, a sports writer, tells the story of how the Super Bowl got started and the many great and even iconic games throughout its history. There are exciting stories, many interesting facts and tales of heartbreak and triumph. Among them are:

Joe Namath's bold prediction.

The "Helmet Catch"

Why some team offenses and defenses got cool nicknames like "Steel Curtain," "Legion of Boom," "Fearsome Foursome" and "Purple People Eaters."

Why the 1985 Chicago Bears were so good they didn't need (and still don't) a cool nickname

How Bill Walsh and Doug Williams changed football

And (hard to believe now) why the Patriots were the laughingstock of the NFL for so long

Yes, I really did enjoy this book. The stories were interesting and some were downright exciting. Each chapter is just the right length, neither too short not too long. Howard Bryant is a good writer and makes the book flow right along. You can read about colorful players like Mean Joe Green and "Joe Cool" Montana or the rise and fall of team dynasties like the Cowboys and the 49'ers, And there's a good Top Ten List of interesting NFL facts after each chapter. And there is a timeline at the back and some cool photos. Go check it out, guys. Football season will be over next week but you can read about the greatest games in Super Bowl history any time of year with this good book. And it's great for both the rabid football fan or the casual non-football fan because the stories in here are so good. (although you'll need to know some football terminology--the author regularly talks about cornerbacks, tight ends, etc.) Now this book isn't perfect, of course, and there were some irritating little things that I noticed. For instance, many of the Top Ten Lists had the dates for important things, like when famous players played, but sometimes those dates got left out--like the list of when famous coaches coached. But that's a minor thing. Overall, I liked this book and I bet you would too. And it's a recent book too, going all the way to Super Bowl XLIX, which was just last year

(PS--yes, the book does devote a chapter to Super Bowl,XXXVIII, the one with New England and the Carolina Panthers!!)

And here is our new friend Reid and Iron Guy Carl showing their Panther Pride:

Two proud Panthers fans!

Reid and the Iron Guy do the Dab

Update--the only thing I can say after last night's game is,"Congratulations, Denver. You played a brilliant game." Well,  there's always next year and we'll be ready for that big game then! In the meantime, this is still a cool book and well worth reading. Today is also Nonfiction Monday. You should go there and find out about more cool books. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reid Claims His Prize!

Look here, everyone! Our new friend Reid, who sent a review recently, come by the Myers Park library to claim his prize for his first review. And here he is, proudly displaying the Return of the Jedi comic he picked from our ultra-cool prize box. Well done, Reid! We hope to hear from you again!

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Golden Vendetta--Another Winner from Tony Abbott!

Greetings, all you reader guys and especially you Copernicus Legacy fans. I've recently finished The Golden Vendetta, the latest in Tony Abbott's fabulous series, The Copernicus Legacy, and man, am I ever excited about it! As thrilling as an action movie, this book takes you all over North Africa, central Europe and Turkey in the quest to find the latest Relic and keep it out of the hands of the ultra-evil Galina Krause and the Order of Teutonic Knights.

What's it about? Well, the overall theme is simple--500 years ago, the famous astronomer Nicholas Copernicus actually invented a time machine but when the evil Order of Teutonic Knights tried to get it, Copernicus dismantled it and hid the six major components all over the world. The Order is trying to find those six Relics again and the Kaplan family has gotten caught up in the desperate attempts to find them before the Order does. But the Order is headed by the totally ruthless Galina Krause and her agents are everywhere and always seem to know where the Kaplans are and what they're doing.

In this particular book, the Kaplans are looking for Triangulum, the third Relic. They can't find it without the help of special glasses called occulara that will give clues as to where to find the Relic. But Galina is already on the trail. Plus there's new bad guy in the mix who wants to get the Relics (and Galina) for his own reasons. And why has Galina unearthed a forgotten Russian nuclear submarine? Why are there predictions of a Deluge, a tremendous flood? Who is this mystrious Colonel from a southeastern Asian country?

syndetics-lcWow, guys, this book has it all--a thief climbing the outside of a fancy hotel, a gun battle in a desert compound, motorcycle chases across rooftops, a search for a pirate's silver arm and mysterious clues to solve. And a worldwide evil organization that truly seems unstoppable. You want excitement, a few laughs, suspense, mystery and spectacularly evil villains? It's all right here in The Golden Vendetta--and in all The Copernicus Legacy books. I wouldn't start with this one, though. Go back and start at the beginning with The Forbidden Stone. Yeah, you'd have some catching up to do but you'd also have a whole lot of fun. I haven't been this enthusiastic about a new series for many years. Go now, right this very minute--well, not if you're reading this at midnight--to your library and CHECK IT OUT!!

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