Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A 2016 New Year's Treat--a Review from Reid!

Hey, everybody, this is Iron Guy Carl and I'm happy to say that you boys are rocking the New Year! We got a book review from Graham at the end of 2015 and now we've got a new one for 2016. It's from Reid and I believe it's his first review for our blog. He going to tell us about Long Shot: A Comeback Kids Novel. Let's hear what Reid has to say:

 Comeback Kids By Mike Lupica. A review by Reid Wilson

Pedro and Ned are good friends. Ned and Pedro run against each other for class president. Ned does not like the competition. Ned does all sorts of things in basketball to make Pedro look bad. For example once Ned threw a bad pass to Pedro on purpose to make everybody think he could not catch. Ned is showing the fact that he does not like Pedro. Pedro fights back and scores the winning basket. He is everybody's friend now. I like the book because it inspires me to fight back in tough times. You should read it too!!!

Thanks, Reid! This sounds really good. I know that a lot of boys and grownups enjoy Mike Lupica's books but the Iron Guy is sad to say that he has never read one. Maybe that should change in the New Year. Anyway, I'm extremely glad to hear not only that you liked it but also that you learned a good life lesson from it. That's what I keep telling you, guys--reading is both fun and useful. And this review isn't coming from some boring old grownup--it's from a boy just like you! Which means that Long Shot is--


Reid, don't forget that the first time a boy sends in a review, he gets a free book from our ultra-cool prize box. Come on down to the Myers Park library and we'll open it up for you!

And has anyone else out there read this book? Or any others from the Comeback Kids series? Or any others by Mike Lupica? Go to the Comment section under this post and let us know!

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