Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yes, guys, it's the release day for Erec Rex: The Search for Truth by Kaza Kingsley. The library doesn't get it's copy today but I've got one on hold. CAN'T WAIT!! Here I am wearing my Search for Truth T-shirt in honor of the day:

She signed that shirt! How totally cool.

Speaking of authors and threes, I also have a picture of me with the three books that Alison Hart sent me yesterday:

They're the three books in the Racing to Freedom trilogy by Alison Hart--Gabriel's Horses, Gabriel's Triumph, and Gabriel's Journey. I've read the first one and it rocked!

So does Erec Rex. If you haven't read Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye or Erec Rex 2: The Monsters of Otherness, GO GET THEM NOW!!! They're fan-tastic! Jump through your Portodoor and get them!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Jaden Gets His Book! Another Review! And You Can Call Me Al!

That's right; our new friend and book reviewer Jaden got his free book for writing a review of Treasure Fever (you can see it in the last post) Here he is, accepting his well-deserved reward:

As you can see, he's surrounded by the two coolest guys on the planet. Jaden has another talent--making the world's greatest fish face.

Very impressive!

We also have another review from anonymous:

The title of the book is Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow City of Gold. The Author is Robb Kidd. Exiting!!! The book is about pirates on a invisible ship. They were looking for 2 gems and a amulet. They found them at a jewelry store in New Orleans. Bye for now .... keep reading guys!!!

Sounds good, anonymous! Bill really likes these Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow books. If you want to see more reviews of Jack Sparrow books, click on the Jack Sparrow tab that is under this post. We put tabs like this on almost all our posts so you can link to other reviews or info. For instance, whenever we write about Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, you'd see a tab with those names under the post. Go to some of our older posts and see.

And, last of all, our new friend, author Alison Hart, expresses her undying gratitude for her Honorary Guy certificate:

I will treasure my golden GUYS RULE award forever!
Thank You,
Alison (I mean Al)
You are so welcome! Al--what a fitting name for an Honorary Guy!
As anonymous said, "Keep reading, guys!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Notes From a New Reader Guy and an Author!

Hey, everyone in blogville, this is Carl who is very excited about getting comments from two new friends. The first is from reader guy Jaden:

The book that I have is called Treasure Fever! The author's name is Andy Griffiths. This book is very exciting!!! In this book the principal told a student about a treasure and the student told his friends. Then his friends told half of the school and the substitute teacher. Everyone who knew got treasure fever!!! This was an enjoyable read! Happy reading guys!!!

Thanks, Jaden. We always like to hear about exciting books. Don't forget that you can come to Imaginon and claim your free book, just like every guy who writes a book review to us! Hey---how come I never found treasure at my school????

The other comment is from Alison Hart. She's the author of that terrific book Gabriel's Horses, which I reviewed on 2-20-09 . (chcek out that review here)

Hi Jedi Zack,I am not a boy, but I am Alison the author of all the Gabriel books. I loved your review and I hope you will get to read the other two books in the series. I'll be happy to send them to you! Oh, and BOYS RULE!

Thanks, Alison!! We'd love to get those books!! (BTW, that was me who wrote that review) I haven't read the other two yet, so I would really look forward to getting them. Gabriel's Horses was a very terrific book. Go find a copy, guys! And thanks for acknowledging that BOYS RULE!!!! Well, since you have made that acknowledgement and since you have written such a great book, the Boys Rule Boys Read blog will bestow on you our greatest honor by making you an Honorary Guy. Yes, we know you're overwhelmed by the greatness of the honor but you've earned it! No need to spend all week thanking us for it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jedi Way

Hello everyone in the land of Boys Rule Boys Read, Master Jedi Zack here once again.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Here at the Matthews Branch Library we have been busy busy busy with lots of fun programs. Last night I had a group of Jedi Padawans here for The Jedi Way. They all created their very own lightsabers and designed space ships. They are nearly ready to go out and defend the galaxy from the sinster Darth Bill and his Sith spawn!

Here are some pictures of the super elite Padawans crafting the lightsabers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

You Can't Read The Last Olympian Online: A Short CARLMAN Rant

Yes, that's right--YOU CANNOT READ THE LAST OLYMPIAN ONLINE!!! The Great and Powerful CARLMAN, who sees through time and space, knows that a lot of people contact this blog to see where you can read that marvelous book online. It irritates me that so many people want to know, therefore I will take a short moment to rant. Listen--do you really want to read The Last Olympian online?? YOU CAN'T!!! Don't believe me?? Here's an answer straight from Wikipedia's Wiki Answers site:

Percy Jackson is still a fairly new series, so it is not yet available in the public domain. This means that it cannot be read for free online legally. The publisher has released the e-book in Kindle edition only. The audio book can may be purchased as a download directly from Random House.

If you still don't believe me, go to that site and see. Besides, why would you want to read it online?? Especially when there are so many copies available in bookstores or libraries?? Don't you see that "it cannot be read for free online legally"?? What's the matter--do you want to support cyberpirates who'd steal an honest author's book??

Wait a minute--the CARLMAN, who brings balance to The Force, should be able to bring balance to his own emotions. I don't want to be harsh with you all. Maybe some of you are used to getting everything online and expect to find the book there. Or maybe you heard somewhere that you could read it in cyberspace. Well, it simply can't be done. There. Now you know.

Whew!! I feel better. Now that I have answered that question, I shall swat it away like the pesky fly it is and be free to concentrate on my truly important mission--finding more good books!!

BTW, a Kindle is an electronic device that lets you read books. Check out the website. And check out the price before you ask your parents for one!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Last Olympian Party

Man, what a party!! This was to honor the publication of The Last Olympian, but I finally decided to open it up to all Percy Jackson fans or anyone who had an interest in Greek Mythology. Or, as it turned out, to anyone who happened to be in the library. And that was a good thing. Some kids came in who were obviously too young to read PJ (or any fiction!) while others had never read the PJ books. Other were true-blue fans and knew all the books while one fan had not gotten to The Last Olympian yet. It was all good because everyone, PJ fan or not, had a really good time.

We started off with some snacks and discussion. I explained who PJ was and the premise of the books. The I asked them to identify the Greek gods. Then I asked for favorite books in the series; one liked The Last Olympian best while another liked the The Battle of the Labyrinth. Some said that Grover was the funniest character while some said it was Percy! And everyone, boys and girls alike said there was enough fighting and action to make it through the kissing scenes!

Then we had games. The nice people at Hyperion/Disney made it easy by putting a Last Olympian party kit online. That gave us the Medusa Freeze Tag game in which one player was Medusa and "froze" the others (the "demigods") by touching them. The other demigods unfroze each other by crawling through their legs. Wow, was it fun! Here's an idea:

Then we had had the Mount Olympus Slam Dunk game. (That was my idea!) I had the names of several different Olympians in a basket and pulled them out at random. When I pulled a name and called it out, the contestant had to do a slam dunk based on that name. For instance, if I said, "Ares!" that kid had to be very aggressive. Or, if I said, "Apollo!" you had to sing! The names were Hermes, Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Dionysus! Here's a clip:
We played some more Medusa Freeze Tag, then everyone left with word searches and draw-your-own Typhon sheets from the Last Olympian party kit. Thanks, Hyperion/Disney! And thanks for coming out, everyone! It was fun!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Harry Potter Giveaway!

Another good friend and faithful follower has written to us. She's Warnell, a librarian, and she also has a Harry Potter Giveaway:

Yay for promoting John Christopher. He also wrote a few other series and they all had that futuristic part to them. I love his stuff!

Hey, could you also add that in order to increase their chances of winning Harry Potter books they could come to my blog for the same giveaway?


You rock!

Thanks. So do you! Here's another chance to win paperback copies of the 5th, 6th, and 7th Harry Potter books. Go to that site and read the simple rules for her contest. Good luck, guys!! (Don't forget Ms. Yingling also has a Harry Potter Giveaway at Ms Yingling Reads)

BTW, if you guys can get away this afternoon, come to the Last Olympian Party here at Imaginon at 2pm (Is this short notice? Maybe--but I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago) If you've read any of the Percy Jackson books or just have an interest in Greek mythology, come on!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Manga, Pokemon, Spits and Taints, Oh Yea!!!!!

Hello all in the Land of Blog. Darth Bill, the Sith with the mostest, has returned from deep space with some cool stuff to share. First I would like you all to know that on Wednesday, June 24 at 6:00 pm Jana Guitar will be putting on a Manga Drawing Workshop:
Are You Interested in
Would You Like to Learn to Draw
Manga or Improve Your Manga Drawing Skills?
Are You Between the Ages of 8 to 12 Years Old?

If You Answered Yes to all these Questions, do We have a Program for You!!!!!
Jana Guitar will be visiting ImaginOn on Wednesday, June 24 at 6:00 pm to present a Manga Drawing Workshop. If you are interested in attending all you have to do is call 704-973-2720 and register!!!!!!!! A great time is assured for all!!!!!

An example of Mrs. Guitar's Work!!!!

Silvertongue (Book Three of The Stoneheart Trilogy) by Charlie Fletcher - Just finished this one and all I can say is: "Wow, what an exciting ride!!!!!" This volume starts off with the Walker apparently vanquished only to be replaced times 2. The Darkness trapped in the London Stone has escaped and from another Dark Dimension, unwittingly released by George and Edie, the Ice Devil has flown into our world making time stop, all people disappear and bringing a ton of snow and darkness into the world. To make matters worse the Ice Devil is calling all Taints (evil statues such as gargoyles (for the most part), dragons (also for the most part) and other monstrosities) to itself to make war on all Spits (good statues such as the Gunner, the Red Queen, the Lionheart and more). In addition to all this George must complete his quest, for he has chosen the hard way, to become a Master Maker (Magical Ability to make and heal all statues). The last obstacle he must face is a duel with the fearsome Last Knight of the Cnihtengild. Edie has her own quest to attend as she searches through time to save her mother. New characters are introduced and shocking secrets revealed as all heck breaks loose in this final volume of The Stoneheart Trilogy. Reading this book was like riding a roller coaster with action, action and more action. I really enjoyed this trilogy and can't wait to read it again!!!! It was that good!!!! You are depriving yourselves if you don't give these books a read!!!!!

If you want to see reviews of the other books in The Stoneheart Trilogy go here for Stoneheart and here for Ironhand.

Check out some actual photos of real statues some of the characters and things in the book are based on:

<----Statue of Sir Ernest Shackleton (also a very
cool historical figure)

The London Stone --->

<---The Queen of America (middle) and her Buffalo

The Boy and Dolphin Statue--->

Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure, Volume 4 by Shingekatsu Ihara - I'm sorry that I have not reviewed the volumes before this one because this is a really fun Manga that I have been enjoying. The main character in this series is Hareta, a crazy kid who has the ability to form special bonds with Pokemon. He is on a quest to find the Legendary Pokemon Dialga (the Pokemon ruler of time). Unfortunately the evil organization Team Galactic also has the same goal. Fortunately Hareta is aided in his quest by his friends Jun, Professor Rowen (a Pokemon Researcher) and Mitsumi (Professer Rowen's Assistant) among others. In this story Hareta takes on Regigigas, a Pokemon with the power to move whole continents, and man it is an epic battle. Then when Hareta least expects it he is betrayed by a very close friend who may actually be more poweful than him!!!! Let the best Pokemon Player win!!!!!!!

One last note before I go; I also love The Tripods Trilogy by John Christopher. Many, many years ago these were the books that first introduced me to the wonderful world of Science Fiction. Really good stuff!!!!

Well that's all for now. Until next time peace everyone,


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Fourth Tripod Book and Harry Potter Giveaways!

Hey gang, it's the Great and Forgetful CARLMAN. I got a comment yesterday from Kurtis Scaletta, our good friend and author of that terrific book Mudville. He wrote and said that I had forgotten to mention the fourth Tripod book:

I was a big fan of those tripod books as a kid, and had trouble finding them again for the longest time. Was really glad when they came back into print! There's actually a fourth one, as well, a prequel called When the Tripods Came.

Thanks for reminding me, Kurtis. HOW could I have forgotten? These books are great. I'm into the second one, The City of Gold and Lead, and it rocks and rolls!! I want to read all four of them now.
In other news, Ms. Yingling, another good friend and Honorary Guy, says that she has a Harry Potter giveaway contest on her site. Here's the scoop; go to her blog, Ms. Yingling Reads, click on the picture in the Harry Potter Giveaway, and you will see the simple rules. Scholastic is issuing the 5th, 6th, and 7th HP in paperback and if, you enter her contest, you have a chance to win all three!! Sounds like a great deal to me! Go for it, guys!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The First Terrific Book Of The Summer!

Hey, guys, this one is terrific! It's The White Mountains by John Christopher, the first book in The Tripods Trilogy. If you want a good, exciting, fun read to start out your summer, this one is it!!

Young Will Parker lives in a world where technology has disappeared and everyone lives in the castle-and-horse age. The ancients had it--strange things like electricity and carts that moved by themselves on steel rails. All that changed when the Tripods, the mysterious giant machines, came and took over the world. Now everyone wears the Cap, a metal mesh on their heads that makes them mind slaves to the Tripods. Will saw his cousin Jack get the Cap and how it changed him. While he wonders if he can escape the Cap, he learns that there's a place far to the south called the White Mountains where people are free from the Tripods and don't get the Cap. So, of course, he escapes one night but only after his cousin Henry, who has always been a bully, joins him. Can they make it? Especially when they're followed by the Tripods? What happens when one of them picks Will up?? Wow!! This book has all the action and adventure you could ask for. Go get it! I'm going to check the other two right away. They are:

The City of Gold and Lead

The Pool of Fire

BTW, don't forget to sign up for our Summer Reading Program, if you haven't done it already. You can get prizes for reading! All the libraries in Mecklenburg County have it and, if you live outside Mecklenburg County, your local library probably has one.AND, if you're looking for good stuff to read this summer, check out our list of books in the Links section on the left-hand side of this page. It says, "Here's a list of all the books...' You'll see a list of all the chapter books, graphic novels, series paperbacks, and nonfiction that we and other boys have talked about. Good stuff. And lots of it!

Stay clear of Tripods,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Erec Rex 2 and Da Winners

Our valiant reader guy Dragonslayer 1191812 has just sent us a review of Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness:

Hey,Dragonslayer here.
I just finished the second Erec Rex The Monsters of Otherness by Kaza Kingsley. There is a lot to say about this book but I'll just hit the highlights. Everyone in this book thinks that Erec Rex is an impostor and not the true king. Only his true friends,like Bethany, and a new friend named Jam,and a secret admirer named Tina (who is actually a hydra)believe in him. Of course he goes on a quest and success is his!In the end he returns to his adoptive mother and everything is normal(not really!).I can't wait for the third book in this series!
P.S. You have to read this book just so you can see how UGLY Tina is.

Ah, but she ugly only on the outside? And is she ugly only to us humans? That might give you a hint of what the book's about, guys. Dragonslayer is absolutely right--I can't wait for the third book either! These books are just fan-tastic!! The third one, Erec Rex: The Search for Truth, comes out on June 30. I can't wait!!!

And we have two pictures of reader guys who've won prizes. And they're both from the SMS Guys Read blog.

One is Andre the Giant, who won 2 signed books. He's got a copy of Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye and The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones that he won from our March Madness Author Shoot-out.

Here's Koko B. Ware with his copy of the Patrick Carman Atherton book that he won from Ms. Yingling's contest.

Well done, men! Keep up the good work! And let us know how you like them.


Dragonslayer Flies!

Wow! This guy is quick! No sooner had I posted his review of Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness than I got this one about a very cool paper-airplane book:

Dragonslayer here,
A few weeks ago at Imaginon, I made a paper airplane with some other kids. Mr.Carl showed us how to make them. Then we flew them in the library! I checked out a great book called "The kids' guide to paper airplanes" by Cristopher L.Harbo. I made a bunch of them. My favorite is the Angry Finch airplane. There are also instructions for a circular airplane called the Space Ring.The book as many impressive airplanes including one called the Huntress.It looks like an eagle.Check it out for hours of flying fun!
Thanks, Dragonslayer! He's right--these planes are impressive and they surely do FLY!! Get a copy of this book and find out. And I'll let you all know when I do this paper-airplane program again. It was fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Comments From Our Friends

Hey, one and all, Carl here with some stuff from our friends. Danny is first up, talking about The Roar by Emma Clayton:

This book was so unbeliveable and really made all the readers think. I'm glad other people enjoyed it to. Do you think there will be a sequel?

I don't know, man. I've heard that this book was the first in a trilogy, but, honestly, I hope not. I liked the open ending of that book. It made me think about what would happen to the characters and seemed to fit the points the author wanted to make. But--this book was so powerful that I would gladly read more! If there are any sequels, I'll be sure to let you know! Or you tell me if you find out first.

Then our faithful blog follower SWIRL told us about a book giveaway contest (and I think she's jealous of our summer programs):
Aw MAN- can you guys PLEASE come on a road-trip to hawaii and host fun stuff at our library!?!? ( I guess it would be more complicated than a simple road trip... no roads lead to Hawaii...)I think your summer plans sound CRAZY Awesome!

I just wanted to let you know of an on-line book club for kids--hosted at Bookclub4kids.com.Publishers are giving away 5 copies of the book- but you have to hurry and enter to win!

I wouldn't mind a road trip to HAWAII this summer! Don't worry about not having any roads--I'll just hop aboard my Astroliner Total Luxury Cruise Liner and sail there! (Bill says he knows I'm crazy now!) Anyway, check out the giveaway at Bookclub4kids. They're giving 5 copies of a book called MVP and it looks good. Do it soon, though!

Another faithful follower, Ms. Yingling, told us that Koko B. Ware won a contest (I think she was also impressed by our book club and summer lineup):

Looks like you guys are having too much fun. Wish I could drop by and get some tips on wielding a light saber. Hey, please let Koko B. Ware know that he was the prize winner in the Atherton Giveaway!

If you remember, Ms. Yingling held a contest to give away books by Patrick Carman Atherton. Koko sent the winning entry. So go to her blog, Ms. Yingling Reads, and see what he said. It's pretty good. And, Koko, you can find out how to contact Ms. Yingling by going to her blog. Congratulations!

BTW, Ms. Yingling spend last weekend in a 36-hour reading marathon. Here's her final result:

34 1/2 hours, 30 books, and 7,850 pages

WOW!! Not only that, but she reviewed every book she read!! (including The Roar) Go and read all about it. What an accomplishment! She deserves to be an Honorary Guy!

Finally, we hear from Andre the Giant, another good friend from the SMS Guys Read blog after he received two books he won from our March Madness contest (better late than never!):

HEY this is Andre the Giant and I just got your books from Mr. H and I haven't started them yet because believe it or not reading the City of Ember for the first time. I really appreciate it that I got the signed copy, my day just keeps getting better. But any way when I have finished the City of Ember I'll come and reply to this blog post.Thank you again for the books.~Andre the Giant

Great! Glad they got to you. He won a signed copy of The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones by Helen Hemphill and a signed copy of the first Erec Rex book by Kaza Kingsley. We can't wait to hear how you liked The City of Ember. That book rocked! So did The People of Sparks. The third one, The Prophet of Yonwood, looks like it will too.

Thanks for writing, everyone! We love hearing from you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Second City of Ember Boys Book Club--Book Discussion, Punch-and-Flag Making, Martial Arts, and Belching

What a great time! We held the second meeting of our boys' book club last Saturday and three of our faithful reader guys were there--Ethan (aka Dragonslayer), Leland, and Alex. The subject was The People of Sparks, the second book in the City of Ember series. The fun started with a relay-race game between the Ember Messengers and the Sparks Roamers. Then we had snacks. That meant, of course, that the guys got to make their own punch:

Then we talked about The People of Sparks over snacks. Pretty good discussion, too. The group was divided over which book was better, about whether the mayor of Ember in the first book or Tick in the second book was worse, and the multiple meanings that names can have--like "Sparks." That could refer to the hope of new beginning or the sparks that start a fire of war. Or "Tick." That was the name of a really bad character in The People of Sparks but a "tick" is also a blood-sucking insect or the sound a time bomb makes before it goes off. Both of those are good descriptions of Tick's character. Here's a sample of our discussion:

Here's one of the highlights of the high-quality literary talk:

Now that's book reviewing!!!

Of course, no book club is complete without martial arts:

We're not this rowdy all the time, however, and our next activity was to create a flag, since the people of Sparks and Ember had their own flags in the second book. This flag was to symbolize both books and be something that the Ember and Sparks guys could cooperate on. Here's the finished product:

Here's a close-up:
The top says, "City of Ember Boys Book Club 2009." The left-hand side has a complete light bulb and people being peaceful to symbolize The People of Sparks. The right-hand side has a broken light bulb and war to symbolize The City of Ember. The middle combines both books with complete and broken light bulbs. And a vampire. I'm not sure what the vampire is for. Leland said it was there because it looked cool. The inscription underneath says, "Violence is better than Non-Violence." Ummm--are you sure about that, guys??? Wasn't the opposite the whole point of the second book? I told Leland that, when he gets older, he'll find out that violence is not better but he said, "Oh, no, I'm not talking about real life--I meant that it's better only in reading. It's more fun to read about people shooting and fighting each other." OK--I can't argue with that! Well said, Leland! Spoken like a true GUY!!!
The next meeting will be the first week in August and we'll do The Prophet of Yonwood, the third book. I've started it and it's good already! AND GUESS WHAT--it takes place in NORTH CAROLINA!! At least the first couple of chapters do.
Hope a bunch of you can come to the next meeting!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cool Activities for Guys This Summer

Yes, there is some fun stuff coming up this summer, but first let us express our sympathies to one of our most faithful reader guys, cyber kid 303. He lost his grandfather yesterday and we know that must be tough. Our sincere thoughts and sympathies are with you.

As I said, we have some very cool activities lined up this summer. The first one will be the second meeting of the City of Ember Boys Bookclub this Saturday, June 6, at 2:00 pm here at Imaginon. We'll have some activities, snacks, and talk about The People of Sparks, the second book in the City of Ember series. Call 704-973-2720 to register. (You have to read the book first)

The next one will be the Last Olympian Party here in The Round at Imaginon on Thursday, June 18 at 2:00 pm. We’ll have some games, some discussion of The last Olympian, and a lot of fun! Come in costume!

Then we'll have (big drum roll, please) our first ever--

That's right!! Master Jedi Zack, Darth Bill, and I, the CARLMAN who brings balance to the Force, will host one-hour camps here at Matthews and Imaginon. Here are the times and dates:

The Jedi Way (hosted by Master Jedi Zack) Tuesday, June 23 at 6:00 PM at the
Matthews Library
Make Your Own Light Saber (hosted by Darth Bill) Thursday, June 25 at 2:00 PM at the Imaginon Library
Make Your Own Paper Airplane Starship (with a talk on The Science of Space Travel)
Tuesday, July 7 at 7:00 PM—Matthews Library (hosted by Master Jedi Zack)
Thursday, July 9 at 2:00 PM—Imaginon Library (hosted by the CARLMAN)
Grand Finale for all campers—Thursday, July 30 at 2:00 PM, Imaginon Library (this one will be from 2:00--5:00 pm. We'll have lots of fun stuff that day and-hopefully-show the Clone Wars movie!)

You've got to register for these programs, so call 704-416-5000, option # 2 for Matthews or
704-973-2720 for Imaginon. Hope to see you there

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pet Robots but Don't Look Now Darth Maul

Hello all in the Land of Blog,

I have a very cool post for you today about two very cool Graphic Novels and a special Video from Darth Maul concerning ImaginOn's and Matthew's Joint Hip Happening Star Wars Summer Programs. Let the fun begin!!!!!!!

Pet Robots by Scott Sava and Diego Jordan - This is a very cool Graphic Novel about four kids that visit a toy factor and discover 4 awesome robots that they accidentally bond with. The four robots names and powers are: Wind - super speed, Rock - super strength, Aqua - water shooting powers and Skye - power of flight and super strength. Well unknown to the kids, the robots follow them home and they all become fast friends. The only problem is that the owner of the toy factor is an evil genius named Vandenburger Meisterburger. He made these robots to be used for not so nice purposes and he wants them back. That's when the fun begins!!!! This is an exciting and very funny Graphic Novel that I highly recommend!!!! Two Thumbs up!!!!!!

Don't Look Now by Ed Briant - This is a really cool mostly wordless Graphic Novel/Picture Book about two brothers whose pranks on each other and imaginations build to such a level that what is real and not real becomes very questionable. Not only does this book have Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my; but also dragons, Giant Snakes and Monsters of every shape and color. The art work is really awesome and the story hilarious (I actually found myself laughing out loud at times). If you want to get a little taste of this story and the great artwork check it out:

This is a friendly, but at first ferocious monster from the book who gets ice cream dumped on his head through the boys' actions. Luckily for the boys, he discovers he likes ice cream quite allot!!!!! Trust me on this one, give it a try and I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!! Three Monster Thumbs Up!!!!!

And now we have a special anouncement from Darth Maul concerning ImaginOn's and Matthew's ultra-cool Summer Star Wars Programs:

Well that's all for now Cowpokes. See ya on the flipside,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Alvin Ho and a Public Service Anouncement to All Last Olympian Fans

Hey, guys, it's Carl again with another Good Quick Read--you know, books that you really like and don't take too long to finish. Most of them can be read in one sitting. Like Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look. (What a great title! How could you NOT read a book like that??)
The first thing you should know about Alvin Ho, as the book says, is that he is afraid of many things. Elevators. Tunnels. Bridges. Substitute teachers. The dark. Scary movies. Shots. School. Among other things. He's so afraid that he can't speak in school. And he carries a Personal Disaster Kit which contains useful things like "Garlic. For fending off vampires and teachers." The story follows Alvin as he starts second grade and tries to adjust to all the new things he finds. This book will make you laugh out loud, especially when you see him go to his first piano lesson, line up with his classmates to get chicken pox, and watch a scary movie called Alien Babies Land From Space in order to join a "gang." I hope Lenore Look writes more Alvin Ho books! (BTW, since Alvin is Chinese-American, he sometimes uses unfamiliar terms such as "gunggung." If you run across one, you can go to "Alvin Ho's Woeful Glossary" in the back and find out what it means)

WAIT!!!!! I just now found out there IS new one!! It's called Alvin Ho Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters. Man!! I'm going to reserve right NOW!!

And now, if the interest of public safety, the Boys Rule Boys Read blog presents a Public Service Anouncement: