Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yes, guys, it's the release day for Erec Rex: The Search for Truth by Kaza Kingsley. The library doesn't get it's copy today but I've got one on hold. CAN'T WAIT!! Here I am wearing my Search for Truth T-shirt in honor of the day:

She signed that shirt! How totally cool.

Speaking of authors and threes, I also have a picture of me with the three books that Alison Hart sent me yesterday:

They're the three books in the Racing to Freedom trilogy by Alison Hart--Gabriel's Horses, Gabriel's Triumph, and Gabriel's Journey. I've read the first one and it rocked!

So does Erec Rex. If you haven't read Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye or Erec Rex 2: The Monsters of Otherness, GO GET THEM NOW!!! They're fan-tastic! Jump through your Portodoor and get them!



Kaza Kingsley, http://www.erecrex.com said...

Yay - I'm so excited about the Book Three release!!!

I have to let people know about an amazing fan site made just by kids and teens only - just Erec Rex fans. I just saw it today and it's AMAZING. Portodoor.com - check it out.

Kaza Kingsley

Carl said...

Yeah, this is a great site. I'm going to put it on our Links section.

AussieT said...

Another good adventure novel for boys aged 12+ years is Dangerous Days by J. William Turner currently profiled on www.thedeepening.com/world-of-fiction/category/action-adventure-thrillers-suspense/