Monday, June 22, 2009

You Can't Read The Last Olympian Online: A Short CARLMAN Rant

Yes, that's right--YOU CANNOT READ THE LAST OLYMPIAN ONLINE!!! The Great and Powerful CARLMAN, who sees through time and space, knows that a lot of people contact this blog to see where you can read that marvelous book online. It irritates me that so many people want to know, therefore I will take a short moment to rant. Listen--do you really want to read The Last Olympian online?? YOU CAN'T!!! Don't believe me?? Here's an answer straight from Wikipedia's Wiki Answers site:

Percy Jackson is still a fairly new series, so it is not yet available in the public domain. This means that it cannot be read for free online legally. The publisher has released the e-book in Kindle edition only. The audio book can may be purchased as a download directly from Random House.

If you still don't believe me, go to that site and see. Besides, why would you want to read it online?? Especially when there are so many copies available in bookstores or libraries?? Don't you see that "it cannot be read for free online legally"?? What's the matter--do you want to support cyberpirates who'd steal an honest author's book??

Wait a minute--the CARLMAN, who brings balance to The Force, should be able to bring balance to his own emotions. I don't want to be harsh with you all. Maybe some of you are used to getting everything online and expect to find the book there. Or maybe you heard somewhere that you could read it in cyberspace. Well, it simply can't be done. There. Now you know.

Whew!! I feel better. Now that I have answered that question, I shall swat it away like the pesky fly it is and be free to concentrate on my truly important mission--finding more good books!!

BTW, a Kindle is an electronic device that lets you read books. Check out the website. And check out the price before you ask your parents for one!!


Davidsons said...

Maybe people want to read it online because there are none available at the libraries and I don't want to buy a a hardcover book because all of the other books I own are paperback. Ever thought of that? There was my rant.

Carl said...

Yes, I've thought of that since that post because I've heard such comments. I can understand not buying hardcovers becuase I rarely do. You say your library doesnt have copies--does that mean that have never ordered one? Most libraries listen to suggestions for purchase. If they don't have one at all, most libraries will do an "interlibrary loan" in which they'll ask for the book from another system.

Anonymous said...

my library has lost their copy and refuses to get another copy. I dont want hardcover because they are too expensive and because I have all others in soft cover. I have been able to find like one copy of the book in stores around me anyways. I had to search for the first 4. I know you think people are being obnoxious by asking you about the book, but in this economy its no surprise.

Carl said...

This is a tough problem. On the one hand, people like you have trouble getting favorite books when it shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, authors make their money by selling their books. If they put books online, who'd buy them? Well, let me ask you this, just like I asked the Davidsons--have you asked your library to do an interlibrary loan? That's where libraries ask other library systems to lend books they don't have. Every library in the country is supposed to do this. Hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

Darn it!!!! I really, really, really want to read it! Oh well. I'll just ask my friend if a can borrow his copy. IN YOUR FACE, PEOPLE!!!!!

Carl said...

Yeah, as I said before, I hate it for people like you. This is a really sticky problem. I'm glad you have a friend to borrow a copy from.