Monday, June 29, 2009

Jaden Gets His Book! Another Review! And You Can Call Me Al!

That's right; our new friend and book reviewer Jaden got his free book for writing a review of Treasure Fever (you can see it in the last post) Here he is, accepting his well-deserved reward:

As you can see, he's surrounded by the two coolest guys on the planet. Jaden has another talent--making the world's greatest fish face.

Very impressive!

We also have another review from anonymous:

The title of the book is Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow City of Gold. The Author is Robb Kidd. Exiting!!! The book is about pirates on a invisible ship. They were looking for 2 gems and a amulet. They found them at a jewelry store in New Orleans. Bye for now .... keep reading guys!!!

Sounds good, anonymous! Bill really likes these Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow books. If you want to see more reviews of Jack Sparrow books, click on the Jack Sparrow tab that is under this post. We put tabs like this on almost all our posts so you can link to other reviews or info. For instance, whenever we write about Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, you'd see a tab with those names under the post. Go to some of our older posts and see.

And, last of all, our new friend, author Alison Hart, expresses her undying gratitude for her Honorary Guy certificate:

I will treasure my golden GUYS RULE award forever!
Thank You,
Alison (I mean Al)
You are so welcome! Al--what a fitting name for an Honorary Guy!
As anonymous said, "Keep reading, guys!"

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