Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Fourth Tripod Book and Harry Potter Giveaways!

Hey gang, it's the Great and Forgetful CARLMAN. I got a comment yesterday from Kurtis Scaletta, our good friend and author of that terrific book Mudville. He wrote and said that I had forgotten to mention the fourth Tripod book:

I was a big fan of those tripod books as a kid, and had trouble finding them again for the longest time. Was really glad when they came back into print! There's actually a fourth one, as well, a prequel called When the Tripods Came.

Thanks for reminding me, Kurtis. HOW could I have forgotten? These books are great. I'm into the second one, The City of Gold and Lead, and it rocks and rolls!! I want to read all four of them now.
In other news, Ms. Yingling, another good friend and Honorary Guy, says that she has a Harry Potter giveaway contest on her site. Here's the scoop; go to her blog, Ms. Yingling Reads, click on the picture in the Harry Potter Giveaway, and you will see the simple rules. Scholastic is issuing the 5th, 6th, and 7th HP in paperback and if, you enter her contest, you have a chance to win all three!! Sounds like a great deal to me! Go for it, guys!


Warnell said...

Hey, could you also add that in increase their chances of winning Harry Potter books they could come to my blog for the same giveaway?
You rock!

AussieT said...

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