Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pet Robots but Don't Look Now Darth Maul

Hello all in the Land of Blog,

I have a very cool post for you today about two very cool Graphic Novels and a special Video from Darth Maul concerning ImaginOn's and Matthew's Joint Hip Happening Star Wars Summer Programs. Let the fun begin!!!!!!!

Pet Robots by Scott Sava and Diego Jordan - This is a very cool Graphic Novel about four kids that visit a toy factor and discover 4 awesome robots that they accidentally bond with. The four robots names and powers are: Wind - super speed, Rock - super strength, Aqua - water shooting powers and Skye - power of flight and super strength. Well unknown to the kids, the robots follow them home and they all become fast friends. The only problem is that the owner of the toy factor is an evil genius named Vandenburger Meisterburger. He made these robots to be used for not so nice purposes and he wants them back. That's when the fun begins!!!! This is an exciting and very funny Graphic Novel that I highly recommend!!!! Two Thumbs up!!!!!!

Don't Look Now by Ed Briant - This is a really cool mostly wordless Graphic Novel/Picture Book about two brothers whose pranks on each other and imaginations build to such a level that what is real and not real becomes very questionable. Not only does this book have Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my; but also dragons, Giant Snakes and Monsters of every shape and color. The art work is really awesome and the story hilarious (I actually found myself laughing out loud at times). If you want to get a little taste of this story and the great artwork check it out:

This is a friendly, but at first ferocious monster from the book who gets ice cream dumped on his head through the boys' actions. Luckily for the boys, he discovers he likes ice cream quite allot!!!!! Trust me on this one, give it a try and I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!! Three Monster Thumbs Up!!!!!

And now we have a special anouncement from Darth Maul concerning ImaginOn's and Matthew's ultra-cool Summer Star Wars Programs:

Well that's all for now Cowpokes. See ya on the flipside,


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