Monday, June 15, 2009

The First Terrific Book Of The Summer!

Hey, guys, this one is terrific! It's The White Mountains by John Christopher, the first book in The Tripods Trilogy. If you want a good, exciting, fun read to start out your summer, this one is it!!

Young Will Parker lives in a world where technology has disappeared and everyone lives in the castle-and-horse age. The ancients had it--strange things like electricity and carts that moved by themselves on steel rails. All that changed when the Tripods, the mysterious giant machines, came and took over the world. Now everyone wears the Cap, a metal mesh on their heads that makes them mind slaves to the Tripods. Will saw his cousin Jack get the Cap and how it changed him. While he wonders if he can escape the Cap, he learns that there's a place far to the south called the White Mountains where people are free from the Tripods and don't get the Cap. So, of course, he escapes one night but only after his cousin Henry, who has always been a bully, joins him. Can they make it? Especially when they're followed by the Tripods? What happens when one of them picks Will up?? Wow!! This book has all the action and adventure you could ask for. Go get it! I'm going to check the other two right away. They are:

The City of Gold and Lead

The Pool of Fire

BTW, don't forget to sign up for our Summer Reading Program, if you haven't done it already. You can get prizes for reading! All the libraries in Mecklenburg County have it and, if you live outside Mecklenburg County, your local library probably has one.AND, if you're looking for good stuff to read this summer, check out our list of books in the Links section on the left-hand side of this page. It says, "Here's a list of all the books...' You'll see a list of all the chapter books, graphic novels, series paperbacks, and nonfiction that we and other boys have talked about. Good stuff. And lots of it!

Stay clear of Tripods,



Kurtis said...

I was a big fan of those tripod books as a kid, and had trouble finding them again for the longest time. Was really glad when they came back into print! There's actually a fourth one, as well, a prequel called When the Tripods Came.

Carl said...

Wish I had known about them! Better late than not at all. (BTW, do you know about the "better Nate than lever" joke?) Yes, I knew about the 4th book but forgot to mention it. Thanks for the reminder.

Warnell said...

Yay for promoting John Christopher. He also wrote a few other series and they all had that futuristic part to them. I love his stuff!