Thursday, June 25, 2009

Notes From a New Reader Guy and an Author!

Hey, everyone in blogville, this is Carl who is very excited about getting comments from two new friends. The first is from reader guy Jaden:

The book that I have is called Treasure Fever! The author's name is Andy Griffiths. This book is very exciting!!! In this book the principal told a student about a treasure and the student told his friends. Then his friends told half of the school and the substitute teacher. Everyone who knew got treasure fever!!! This was an enjoyable read! Happy reading guys!!!

Thanks, Jaden. We always like to hear about exciting books. Don't forget that you can come to Imaginon and claim your free book, just like every guy who writes a book review to us! Hey---how come I never found treasure at my school????

The other comment is from Alison Hart. She's the author of that terrific book Gabriel's Horses, which I reviewed on 2-20-09 . (chcek out that review here)

Hi Jedi Zack,I am not a boy, but I am Alison the author of all the Gabriel books. I loved your review and I hope you will get to read the other two books in the series. I'll be happy to send them to you! Oh, and BOYS RULE!

Thanks, Alison!! We'd love to get those books!! (BTW, that was me who wrote that review) I haven't read the other two yet, so I would really look forward to getting them. Gabriel's Horses was a very terrific book. Go find a copy, guys! And thanks for acknowledging that BOYS RULE!!!! Well, since you have made that acknowledgement and since you have written such a great book, the Boys Rule Boys Read blog will bestow on you our greatest honor by making you an Honorary Guy. Yes, we know you're overwhelmed by the greatness of the honor but you've earned it! No need to spend all week thanking us for it!


Anonymous said...

I will treasure my golden GUYS RULE award forever!

Thank You, Alison (I mean Al)

Anonymous said...

The title of the book is Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow City of Gold. The Auther is Robb Kidd. Exiting!!! The book is about pirates on a invisible ship. They were looking for 2 gems and a amulet. They found them at a jewelry store in New Orleans. Bye for now .... keep reading guys!!!