Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gabriel's Horses: A Terrific Book

Litsen up, guys, I really love to tell you about terrific books. When you look at the blog's logo, you'll see that's our whole purpose. Well, this book is Terrific!! With a capital "T"!! Gabriel's Horses by Alison Hart is one of those books that gets you so into the characters and the world they live in that you get all excited about what happens to them. And plenty happens in this book!
Young African-American boy Gabriel works in the horse barns with his Pa in Woodville Farms in Kentucky. The Civil War is on, yet it's far away from thier farm. Or so it seems. Gabriel and his Pa are going to Lexington to race one of the horses when a renegade Rebel captain and his group of raiders stop them. And that's just in Chapter Two!! There's a lot more. As I said, this book really makes you care about the characters and worry when bad things happen. And there are bad men here. And danger is always just down the road, ready to spring when you don't expect it. I really, really, really enjoyed this book. So will you. I have to be brief here but I could rave all day. So get it and read it!!

PS--this is the first book in a trilogy. Now I have more great series books to wait for!


Alison said...

Hi Jedi Zack,I am not a boy, but I am Alison the author of all the Gabriel books. I loved your review and I hope you will get to read the other two books in the series. I'll be happy to send them to you! Oh, and BOYS RULE!

Carl said...

Thanks, Alison! Can't wait to get them. And thanks for acknowledging that BOYS RULE! For writing such a great book and for your acknowledgement, we're going to bestow on your our greatest honor and make you an Honorary Guy!