Thursday, February 5, 2009

Helen Hemphill Visit!

Hey! Carl here, telling you about the great time we had this morning with Helen Hemphill, author of that terrific book The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones. Ms. Hemphill is a very cool person as well as being a fantastic writer and we all enjoyed having her here. She spoke to the 4th graders from Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (as well a couple of homeschooled guys) about her book. She talked about finding out about Nat Love, the African-american cowboy who wrote a slam-bang autobiography that got her interested in the subject. She also talked about researching what it was like to be a cowboy in 1876, what Deadwood, South Dakota was like back then, and driving out west to see all those places. Then she had them do a writing exercise from a photo of a deserted old house she found out west. (Don't forget, 4th graders, you can send in your stories and I'll post them!) After that, she answered questions on what it takes to get a book published. Later she gave away a copy of her book. We also gave her an Honorary Guy certificate. Here are some pictures:

Ms. Hemphill giving away a book

Signing the book

cyber kid 303 and Master Jedi Zack were there (Darth Bill was sick)

And here's a video of us presenting her with her Honorary Guy certificate:

Thanks for coming! We sure enjoyed it!

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