Monday, February 16, 2009

What A Book! What A Man!

Hey, dudes, you guys voted on the What Do GUYS Love? poll and the results were overwhelming--guys love video games! No surprise, huh? It did my librarian heart good to see that "books with lots of adventure and action" came in second.

Speaking of books with lots of adventure, I just finished a book that has a true-life adventure that beats most fiction. Washington at Valley Forge by Russell Freedman is the name and it's one that you won't easily forget! What a story!! Imagine camping in the snow with no shoes on your feet. In a thin, useless tent. With nothing to eat. That's how George Washington and his army found themselves in December 1777. Things had been going badly for the Patriots, losing battle after battle against the disciplined fighting machine that was the British army. Some people didn't think General Washington was competent and spread rumors about him. Congress didn't trust him and wouldn't give him money to feed or equip his troops. Imagine how you'd feel if you were Washington! Would you feel like giving up? I know I would! But George Washington decided to stick it out. Not only that, he said he "would share in the hardship and partake of every inconvenience" of his men. Now that's a TRUE MAN for you! No wonder we celebrate his birthday 239 years later! This is an incredible book and Russell Freedman is a fantastic writer, making you feel the tension and suspense that Washington felt. You really wonder if Washington and his army are going to make it!! Get it, guys! You'll love it!

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