Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another New Friend Writes In!

This is so great! We have another new reader guy friend writing to us for the first time. His name is Elias. Let's hear him:

I would reccomend all the bionicle books by Greg Farchtky and C.A. Hapka. They are my favorite series, they're Just really great, especially Prisoners of the Pit. So all readers I reccomend these books!

I've always wanted to look at a Bionicle book but never had the time to read one. How about it, guys? Any out there like Bionicle? Thanks, Elias! Be sure to come and pick up your free book!

Only 5 more days until The Demigod Files!!!

Rick Riordan now has Twitter. Take a look here if you've ever wondered why the Oracle is a mummy, what Thalia's last name is, or what monster makes a reappearnce in The Last Olympian.

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