Saturday, May 28, 2011

Go Panthers! Go Sammer!

Rah! Rah ! Rah! Go team go! Run that ball! Read that book! Hey, guys, Carl here. Our good friend Sammer has sent us yet another good review:

I'm reading The Carolina Panthers by Mark Stewart if you are a Panther fan this is the book for you. It has a timeline and history and EVERYTHING you need to know about the Panthers and a little fact about every player. So if you are a Panther fan I think you should go to the Library and get it.

Thanks, Sammer! Good advice. If you're a football fan, particularly a Panthers fan, this would definitely be worth checking. There are about 16 copies in the library system, so you should have no trouble getting one. Unfortunately, those 16 books mean that the library has 8 times more books than the Panthers had wins last year!! Yeesh! Well, maybe they'll have better luck this next season. We've got a new head coach and a hot # 1 draft pick, so maybe things will pick up--if there's not a lockout! Double yeesh!!

We appreciate your letting us know about this one, Sammer, and can't wait to hear what other good reads you'll recommend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sammer Claims His Prize(s)

Hey, gang, our new friend Sammer, who wrote that great review of The Thief Lord in the last post, came by the library last Friday and claimed his prize for sending in his first review. (As I have often said, any guy who sends in his first review to us gets a free book!) Here he is, smiling in triumph over his awesome achievement:
He's got a copy of Dude! --it's a book of stories and stuff that's all about being a boy. As a bonus, he also got a copy of the Sea Ghost comic,which is a part of the terrific Capt'n Eli series. (go over to the Links section on the left-hand side of the page and click on "The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli" to learn more) Congratulations, Sammer! We can't wait to hear from you again!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sammer Writes About The Thief Lord!

A new friend has just written to us. His name is Sammer and he has told us about a terrific book:

I am reading the Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. It's a great book. It has a lot of adventure. It's a very detailed book. It brings Venice to life as they tell the story of Bo and Prosper and the Thief Lord. Through the night the Thief Lord goes and steals stuff and brings it back to the "Star-Palace." It's a wild chase through Venice as Bo and Prosper run away from their Aunt and Uncle.

Thanks, Sammer!! We're always glad to hear from new reader guys. Don't forget that any guy who writes in for the first time gets a free book! Come to the Myers Park library and pick one out of our ultra-cool prize box. I sure hope we hear from you again! I enjoyed your review--it makes me want to go and find it. The library system has plenty of copies. They also have copies of the audiobook version as well as the dvd! Wow! I didn't know about all this. Thanks again for letting me find out, Sammer!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The 48 Hour Book Challenge--Again!

I'm getting in total shape!!

I'm lifting huge stacks of heavy books to prepare!!

I'm flexing my powerful muscles that enable me to sit for long periods of time without tiring!!

That can mean only one thing---I'm gearing up for the 48 Hour Book Challenge!!!

Last year I participated in the 48 Hour Book Challenge, an annual event in which kidlit bloggers try to read as many hours as they can in a 48-hour period. Last year they let us use this event as an opportunity to raise money for our favorite charities. Guess what? They're doing it again! So I'm asking all you readers guys to donate however much money you and your families would like to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for every hour that I read. The event takes place over the weekend of June 3--5. I'll post the reuslts on Monday, June 6 as well as any reviews of books from that weekend. I'm already thinking of what to read. I've got several new books but there are some old ones that have been waiting for just such a long weekend.

Here's how you can donate:
1. Donate cash at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library branch closest to you. Please put the money in an envelope and make sure the envelope is addressed to Dick Pahle, Main Library, 310 N. Tryon. No need to put a stamp on it because you're not mailing it. In fact, you should NEVER send cash through the mail!! As long as Mr. Pahle's name is on the envelope, it will get to him. (He's in charge of all our fundraising) If your local branch has a cash donation box, you could put it in there or you could give it to the helpful, friendly librarian behind the desk.

(Here's a picture of your typical Charlotte Mecklenburg librarian)

2. Your parents could write a check. You can mail it or drop it off at your local branch. If you mail it, make sure it goes to Dick Pahle, Main Library, 310 N. Tryon, Charlotte, NC. 28202. If you drop it off, please be sure to put Mr. Pahle's name and Main Library on the envelope.

Whether you write a check or donate cash, please add a note that says it's from the 48 Hour Book Challenge.

3. Donate online. All the info for donating online is here. Online donations automatically go to Mr. Pahle. If you do this, make sure your parents know about it first!! Or your parents could make the donations, of course.

As I said, you can donate however much you'd like. You can donate on your own or this might be something you and your family/friends/school would like to do. We really appreciate it, guys! And any of you grownups too! (BTW, if you live outside the Charlotte/Mecklenburg county area, you are very welcome to donate. Just follow the simple instructions above) All right, stay tuned,everyone. The Iron Guy will need every ounce of his determination and endurance to meet this challenge but he doesn't mind. I will read until the books drop from my hand for the great cause of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Micahel and the Iron Guy Write About Vespers Rising

Our good friend Michael, King of Books and Time Travel, has sent us another first-rate review:

The 39 Clues, book 11
Vespers Rising
by Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordan Korman, and Jude Watson
The Cahills have always had a secret enemy: the Vespers. They're a secret organization that hires the best people to do their dirty work. They want to be the most powerful people in the world. But they're not after the serum. Gideon Cahill had a ring that is much more dangerous than the serum. And the Cahills, generation after generation, have had to protect it from the clutches of the Vespers. This book takes you through four stages of Cahills, Vespers, and the ring. The first is Gideon Cahill, 1507, followed by Madeleine Cahill, 1527, Grace Cahill, 1942, and finally Amy and Dan Cahill, present. It's brilliantly written, and it's by the best authors to write it. Discover a secret more powerful than the serum. Discover the ring. Discover the Vespers.

Thanks, Michael!! He's hit it right on the head--this is a brilliantly-written book, full of mysteries, exotic locations, and the extreme action you've enjoyed in the first ten 39 Clues books. I was afraid of being disappointed because sequels are often not as good as the originals, but have no fear, bold reader guys, Vespers Rising is every bit as good and maybe even better!
So go get it before the Vespers discover the secret of the ring! And if you've read it, send us your thoughts in the Comments tab under this post. (and that goes for you grownups as well)