Saturday, May 28, 2011

Go Panthers! Go Sammer!

Rah! Rah ! Rah! Go team go! Run that ball! Read that book! Hey, guys, Carl here. Our good friend Sammer has sent us yet another good review:

I'm reading The Carolina Panthers by Mark Stewart if you are a Panther fan this is the book for you. It has a timeline and history and EVERYTHING you need to know about the Panthers and a little fact about every player. So if you are a Panther fan I think you should go to the Library and get it.

Thanks, Sammer! Good advice. If you're a football fan, particularly a Panthers fan, this would definitely be worth checking. There are about 16 copies in the library system, so you should have no trouble getting one. Unfortunately, those 16 books mean that the library has 8 times more books than the Panthers had wins last year!! Yeesh! Well, maybe they'll have better luck this next season. We've got a new head coach and a hot # 1 draft pick, so maybe things will pick up--if there's not a lockout! Double yeesh!!

We appreciate your letting us know about this one, Sammer, and can't wait to hear what other good reads you'll recommend!

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