Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sammer Writes About The Thief Lord!

A new friend has just written to us. His name is Sammer and he has told us about a terrific book:

I am reading the Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. It's a great book. It has a lot of adventure. It's a very detailed book. It brings Venice to life as they tell the story of Bo and Prosper and the Thief Lord. Through the night the Thief Lord goes and steals stuff and brings it back to the "Star-Palace." It's a wild chase through Venice as Bo and Prosper run away from their Aunt and Uncle.

Thanks, Sammer!! We're always glad to hear from new reader guys. Don't forget that any guy who writes in for the first time gets a free book! Come to the Myers Park library and pick one out of our ultra-cool prize box. I sure hope we hear from you again! I enjoyed your review--it makes me want to go and find it. The library system has plenty of copies. They also have copies of the audiobook version as well as the dvd! Wow! I didn't know about all this. Thanks again for letting me find out, Sammer!

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Tachi said...

Excellent! I am so glad you are loving this book and sharing it with others.