Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Micahel and the Iron Guy Write About Vespers Rising

Our good friend Michael, King of Books and Time Travel, has sent us another first-rate review:

The 39 Clues, book 11
Vespers Rising
by Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordan Korman, and Jude Watson
The Cahills have always had a secret enemy: the Vespers. They're a secret organization that hires the best people to do their dirty work. They want to be the most powerful people in the world. But they're not after the serum. Gideon Cahill had a ring that is much more dangerous than the serum. And the Cahills, generation after generation, have had to protect it from the clutches of the Vespers. This book takes you through four stages of Cahills, Vespers, and the ring. The first is Gideon Cahill, 1507, followed by Madeleine Cahill, 1527, Grace Cahill, 1942, and finally Amy and Dan Cahill, present. It's brilliantly written, and it's by the best authors to write it. Discover a secret more powerful than the serum. Discover the ring. Discover the Vespers.

Thanks, Michael!! He's hit it right on the head--this is a brilliantly-written book, full of mysteries, exotic locations, and the extreme action you've enjoyed in the first ten 39 Clues books. I was afraid of being disappointed because sequels are often not as good as the originals, but have no fear, bold reader guys, Vespers Rising is every bit as good and maybe even better!
So go get it before the Vespers discover the secret of the ring! And if you've read it, send us your thoughts in the Comments tab under this post. (and that goes for you grownups as well)

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