Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Erec Rex Cover, New 39 Clues Book, and The Dangerous Book For Boys

Hey, everyone, it's Carl, shaking the snow out of my brain. Hope everyone enjoyed the day off yesterday. I spent the day wrestling polar bears and skiing down Mount McKinley. A typical snow day for the CARLMAN.

Got a little bit of news today. For all you Erec Rex fans, the new cover of Erec Rex 3: The Search For Truth is up on the Erec Rex website. You can see it here. What did you say? You haven't read the Erec Rex books??? Well, what are you waiting for???? They are FAN-TASTIC!!! Kaza Kingsley has created one of the BEST new series out there. (Check out my review here and an interview with Kaza Kingsley here) The third book is coming out July 30 and the first two books will be in paperback soon. Not to mention the library has lots of copies. So don't just stand there--run out and get them!!!! Look at the new Erec Rex 3 cover here or check out the website on the list of sites on the left-hand side of the page.

OK, in other exciting book news, the latest book in the 39 Clues series is out. It's The Sword Thief, written by Peter Lerangis. This time Dan and Amy go to Tokyo to find the next Clue. That city also happens to be a stronghold of the---hold on, do you know which branch of the Cahills has its HQ in Tokyo? I know, but I wonder if you do. Who'll be the first to tell us? (The llibrary hasn't received its copies yet--can't wait until they get here!)
Speaking of things created by Rick Riordan, check out the latest info on The Last Olympian on his Twitter site. AND--the first two casting choices for The Lightning Thief movie are on Rick Riordan's blog. They've chosen actors for Percy and Grover. What do you think of them?

And I've got a very cool nonfiction book for you all, The Dangerous Book For Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden. It's one of those marvelous nonfiction books that you can wander around in and don't have to read straight through. You can even skip parts, but you won't want to because it's full of stuff that guys want to know like making batteries, crystals, and bows and arrows. Or coin tricks or astronomy or The Greatest Paper Airplane in the World. There are also Extraordinary Stories, Books Every Boy Should Read, The Golden Age of Piracy, Famous Battles, Five Pen-and-Paper Games, Baseball's "Most Valuable Players" (ending at 2006), and more. As you can see, this book is full of cool stuff to do. especially for guys!!! It'll be especially good when you and your buddies are sitting around and wondering what to do. Besides, there's just something about being a guy that makes you want to find out and make things. This is the book to show you how. There have been a lot of similar books printed since it was published but I think this one's the best. I really enjoyed this one and I know you'll like it too. In fact, I'll give a prize to the first guy who demonstrates something from this book! Come on down to Imaginon and show me!!


Warnell said...

Thanks to your inspiration I am running a March Madness of Books at my school this year. Check it out here (russel-library.blogspot.com). If you scroll down a bit you can see a video I made explaining how they are to enter the contest. That's for the wonderful site and inspiring ideas!

jedi-JT said...

Hey Carl, This is J.T. you met my mom the other day and she brought me home Barnstormers 1. Guess what, I had already read it! I got it out of South County a few months ago. I read it again yesterday and wanted to tell you:
it is amazing because it combines baseball and mystery two of my favorite things. I liked the train zooming through the baseball field and the fact that the story really made your brain think.

Thanks for recommending it! Are there more books in the series yet?