Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Championship Round, Nuclear Mentos, and cyber kid

All right, everyone, you all have voted and decided who would move from the Final Four to the Championship Round and again we have a major upset!! Take a look and see:

J.K. Rowling 14 online votes///////////////Jeff Kinney 10 votes
Jay Piscopo 40 votes/////////////////////Neil Gaiman 14 votes

Jay Piscopo trounces J.K. Rowling for the major upset of the year! Therefore the authors that move on to the Championship Round are:

Jay Piscopo, author of The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli


Neil Gaiman, author of Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and many others

Let the voting begin! You have until noon on Friday, April 3 to choose. And you have until then to send in reviews of books by any of these authors to win a fabulous prize!!

In other news, our brother reader guys at the SMS Guys Read blog have conducted a highly dangerous science experiment that risked life, limb, and the chance to be sprayed in their faces!! Yes, they performed the Nuclear Mentos test. Take a look at the SMS Guys Read link on the left-hand side of our blog!! You gotta see it!!

And our faithful friend cuber kid 303 has sent us a review of The City of Ember (even if he won't give this Ellen-innocent-or-guilty thing a rest!):

I got my revenge after all. And I do still think Evil Ellen did it. Where is proof from the DNA test? Innocence? HA!

Back to book reveiws now. City of Ember is an action packed book about the City of Ember, which is under gound.For 241 years, lights have been keeping the it in light, nstead of paralizing dark. The lights are powered by the genorator, which is starting to fail. Lights are starting to flicker. Even if the genorator worked, they are running out of lightbulbs and oher vitals such as food. This book is really, really good

Yes, it is!! This book will really grab your attention. This puts you in the running for one of our fabulous prizes. Remember, these prizes go to the three guys who send in the most reviews by noon this Friday!!


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