Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prizes, Where To Read The First Chapter of The Last Olympian Online, and Boys Like Gregor

Wow, fellow reader guys, the March Madness Author Shoot-out has gotten everyone all excited!! We've had the most hits EVER on this blog! And the most votes ever!! The tension mounts as readers vote. Who will win and move to the next round? Will there be an upset?? Anything can happen!! Keep those votes coming! And don't forget that we are giving away prizes to the three guys who write in the most reviews of books by these authors. The first-place prize is a T-shirt from Kaza Kingsley's fan-tastic Erec Rex series plus the first two Erec Rex books, signed by the author! To show you how extremely cool these prizes are, Darth Bill took some photos:

Here is the unbelievably handsome CARLMAN modelling the Erec Rex t-shirts that Kaza Kingsley so generously gave us:

She even signed them!

Not only that, she also gave us copies of her first two books:

And signed them too!!!

THANKS, KAZA!!!! These books and the t-shirt could be YOURS if you send in the most reviews. The second-place winner gets a Capt'n Eli graphic novel and cards. The third-place winner gets free books and comics. We'll take your reviews until the end of the contest. Remember, when you send in a review, not only are you eligible for a prize, your author gets three more points (a "three pointer")

On to other things. A couple of new friends have written to us. Bibliophile told us where to read the first chapter of The Last Olympian, the next Percy Jackson book, online. Cool!!

There is a place where you can read an excerpt of The Last Olympian!!! It's on the Percy Jackson book site (percyjacksonbooks.com). You click on About the Series at the top of the page. If you're not already at the blurb about The Last Olympian, you just click on the book at the left. Next to a picture of the book that will come up, there will be a summary, and underneath that, a button that says, "read first chapter." There will be an excerpt of the last book in this amazing sereies.

Thanks, bibliophile! I've gone to that site and read it. Boy, Percy doesn't waste any time getting into danger. By the end of that first chapter, he's in danger from telkhines and Annabeth! Hmmm--I wonder which I'd be more scared of--an angry telkhines or an angry Annabeth!! Read the chapter yourself by going to the Percy Jackson Booksite in the Links section on the left-hand side of the page or by going here.

The other comment comes from hollybookscoops. This new friend tells about how much guys like Gregor the Ovelander:

I really enjoyed Gregor the Overlander and passed the recommendation on to a Mother of 4 boys. Her oldest devoured the books and then re-read them, just to make sure he didn't miss something.

Wow--he read them and then re-read them. Very impressive! Hope that oldest boy is reading this post. He could be in the running for prizes if he sends in reviews of the Gregor books. The excitement just keeps building!!
It's March Madness, baaaayyybeeee!!!!


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