Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cyber Kid and the Hooples

Hey, guys, cyber kid 303 has just sent us the goods about a very funny-sounding book:

The Hooples' Horrible Holiday by Stephen Manes is about Alvin Hoople and his family. All the Hooples decide to go to Grandma and Gramp's for Thanksgiving. This includes Alvin's snobby cousin, the cat, Alvin's weird uncle, his complaining sister, and all the rest of the Hooples. When they get there, even more Hooples come. But then diasters strike. A blizzard (not the kind you can get at Dairy Queen, either) blows out the power. Alvin's sister keeps on saying she wants a Carly Cutie doll and a Fuzzbot. And no turkey!!!!!!! Not even on Thanksgiving!!!! How could such a thing happen! NO!!!!!!!!!! Any way, there is no TV or anything electric. This is bad because almost everything in Grandma and Gramp's house is electric. Watch the Hooples try to have fun on Thanksgiving!

Wow, that does sound funny!! Thanks, cyber kid. Have you ever had funny family get-togethers? Or any of you other guys?

I'm reading that new book Mudville by first-time author Kurtis Scaletta and enjoying it. I'll let you know how good it is.

Things are not looking good for Darth Bill on the poll! Be sure to vote for his innocence or guilt or if you think Evil Ellen did or didn't do it. Today's the last day!

And don't forget to call 704-973-2720 and register for the Cool Guy Events in March (sse the post of March 7 to find out more)


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Darth Corder said...

Um, I think you forgot we already know who the gulity party Zack who was not included in the vote!!!!!!!