Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our First Three-Pointer!

The thrills just never stop in the March Madness Author Shoot-out! We have several games are are close and could go right down to the wire!! J. K. Rowling and Kurtis Scaletta are neck-and-neck, with J. K. up by only ONE vote!!! Who would have thought that a rookie author could be so close? Will she hold on or will there be an upset??? Helen Hemphill and Jeanne DuPrau are also only one vote apart and have been switching leads all week. Other brackets seem to have authors far in the lead, but, as any basketball fan knows, that could change at any time. You have until 6 pm on Saturday to vote, so keep those votes coming. And remember, you CAN vote for more than one!

And now, guys, let me proudly present the first three-point shot in the contest!! Remeber, any guy who writes a review of a book by an author in the tournament will not only give that author 3 extra points but will put himself in the running for some very cool prizes! Let hear what anonymous has to say:

The Demigod Files are awesome!!! Rick Riordan is the best author ever!!! His writing is particularly great becauses it connects the mythological world with the modern world. Rick Riordan is an awsome writer!

Good shot, anonymous! The Demigod Files really is good. And you've said in one sentence what I've tried to say in long paragraphs--Rick Riordan is great at connecting the mythological and the modern and that's why the Percy Jackson books are so great! Thanks! Keep shooting those 3-pointers and---aaaughhh! Who are YOU??


So what are you staring at?

Look right there. Do you not see it?

See what??

That is the money you could be saving with...

Yeesh, the things you gotta put up with!

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