Monday, March 30, 2009

The City of Ember Book Club, Another Possible Upset, and Who's Messing With the Girls' Space?

Hey, reader guys, It's Carl and we had a great time last Saturday at the first Boys' Book Club meeting. We read The City of Ember and had some fun discussion. Then my good friend John Austin, Discovery Place volunteer, talked to us about the science of electricity. John really likes to tinker with things and find out how they work or think of new things to do with them. So he found this old DVD player and was about to throw it out when he started thinking, "Hmmmm, what if I...." and took the motors out to show us how a generator worked. (He showed us that, by turning that motor backward, you could generate a current) Here are some photos:

John and the guys and cool stuff with meters (he's showing us how to measure current)

John and the reader guys

The guys and me. This book rocks, btw. Go read it if you haven't read it already. We'll read the second, The People of Sparks, next. The meeting for that book may be the first Saturday in June. Watch this blog to find out.

The voting continues for The Final Four in the March Madness Author Shoot-out. Take a look and see. And send in your reviews for a chance to win the ultra-cool prizes. Look at the post under this one to see what they are)

AAAANNNDDD--it looked like we would have another mystery on our hands!! Just as we have a Sacred Shrine of Guyhood, the girls have their own book display at Imaginon. Normally this manly man is too busy keeping the guys' display stocked to notice what the girls do. But on this day, something called out to me from that spot. I turned and saw--There were signs advertising the Boys Rule Boys Read blog all over the girls' spot!! Well, you'd think I'd be glad to see signs about the awesome greatness of boys in the girls' display! But then I heard maniacal laughter--and then, out of thin air, appeared--

CYBER KID 303!!!

"Behold my terrible revenge!!" he said. "This is my payment for declaring Evil Ellen innocent of defacing the Sacred Shrine of Guyhood. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" Well, I had to grab him before he could teleport back and remind him that Evi...I mean, Ellen was fairly tried and acquitted in a Cosmic Court of Justice and that he couldn't take out his frustration on the girls' display. He took his chastisement like a true man, went humbly to the book club, and is a wiser man today. This shows how a true guy can change his behavior and is more proof, if any be needed, of the awesome greatness of boys!!!


uninvoked said...

Looks like you boys had fun. Can't wait to hear about the next meeting!

cyber kid 303 said...

I got my revenge after all. And I do still think Evil Ellen did it. Where is proof from the DNA test? Innocence? HA!Back to book reveiws now. City of Ember is an action packed book about the City of Ember, which is under gound.For 241 years, lights have been keeping the it in light, nstead of paralizing dark. The lights are powered by the genorator, which is starting to fail. Lights are starting to flicker. Even if the genorator worked, they are running ot of lightbulbs and oher vitals such as food. This book is really, really good

dragonslayer1191812 said...

I'm sorry I had to miss the book club meeting about The City of Ember because of the bad weather!
The book was great. It was about two kids who try to find a way out of their city because of blackouts and food shortages.They don't know that they are living underground.The kids find out that the mayor is stuffing his face with hidden food while everyone else is going without food.
I don't want to give the end away.
Read the book to find out what happens to Doon and Lina.
P.S. Be glad we don't have Assignment Days.