Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Comments From Friends

Hey there, ho there, it's Carl. Let me first give my thanks to Zack for letting me know about lining up for The Last Olympian. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I'll sign up right away.

We've had two comments that make us feel good. The first is from Warnell, one of the Fellowship of the Followers:

Warnell said...
Thanks to your inspiration I am running a March Madness of Books at my school this year. Check it out here ( If you scroll down a bit you can see a video I made explaining how they are to enter the contest. That's for the wonderful site and inspiring ideas!

You are so very welcome!! It makes us feel really good to know that we inspired someone. Take a look at the site, guys!! We had a lot of fun with our March Madness last year. Will we do it again? Maaaayybeeeee! Watch out for a post next week!

The next comment is from new friend jedi JT:

jedi-JT said...
Hey Carl, This is J.T. you met my mom the other day and she brought me home Barnstormers 1. Guess what, I had already read it! I got it out of South County a few months ago. I read it again yesterday and wanted to tell you:it is amazing because it combines baseball and mystery two of my favorite things. I liked the train zooming through the baseball field and the fact that the story really made your brain think.Thanks for recommending it! Are there more books in the series yet

Yes there are! I have two of them right in front of me, Barnstormers # 2 and 3. I'm SO glad you liked # 1. The other two are even better!! I've been telling guys about these books for a long time. As we always say, any guy who writes in gets a free book, so come down to Imaginon and pick one up! And check out my reviews of the Barnstormer books here and here. The next Barnstormers book comes out in May but the series will have a new name, the Sluggers. Find out why the new name at their website.

BTW, the CARLMAN, who brings balance to the Force, is pleased to see that there are now 2 jedi, Master Jedi Zack and jedi JT, and 2 sith, Darth Bill and Darth Devin, involved in the blog. The Force is in equilibrium; the galaxy sleeps peacefully tonight.

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