Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Old Book Prospector Digs Up More Gold in the Barnstormers Series

Howdy, partners, it's me, the Old Book Prospector. I've been digging through

the library and I've sturck gold AGAIN!!! This time's...

..dag nab it!!! There's a gila monster under my hat!! 'Scuse me while I take care of it...


There! Don't worry, boys, it weren't a gila monster--it was only a tarantula. I'd better go dispose of this thing. I'll let my old friend Carl tell you about some more great books while I'm gone.
PS--I'm an old hand with a six-shooter. Don't try shooting hats off your head! Could be messy!

Hey, guys, it's Carl this time. I've got another video about a fantastic set of books.

Yeah, I know every one's back in school, but it's still summer and baseball is still going on, so it's a good season to read these books. Actually, anytime is good because these are some of the few books that will make you sit back and go, "Wow!" They will make you sit on the edge of your chair wondering if the Travelin' Nine will win--and, like all good sports books, there is no guarantee that the main characters will win! There's a lot at stake in these games and a lot of danger if the team doesn't win, or if the kids don't learn how to use the baseball, or if the Chancellor gets hold of it. And that's just what seems to happen at the end of the third book!!! Wow, wow, wow!! How will they ever get out of this? I can't wait until next spring to find out. In fact, I'll have a lot to learn because I think there are going to be at least six books in this series. Wow, wow, wow!!

There are three books in the series so far: The series is divided into "Games".

The first book is Game 1: Porkopolis

And the third is Game 3: The Windy City

These books are great! Get them! Read them! You'll really like them!!

PS--if you want more info, go back and read the 4-25-08 post about the Barnstormers.

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