Monday, August 4, 2008

Cyber Kid's Latest and We Want To Know--What's More Macho?

Hey there, gang, we've got a new review from our old friend cyber kid 303:

If you like Harry Potter books and the Percy Jackson series, then you will probably love The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. It is about 15 year old twins named Sophie and Josh Newman who meet Nicholas Flamel, who is 732 hundred years old, and his wife, Perenelle. The book is filled with historical and mythological characters, magic and sorcery. There is a lot of adventure, fighting off weird creatures and the undead. This is the first book in a new series. There will be six in all. The second book, The Magician, just came out this summer. Michael Scott has a cool website you can look at to find out more.

Thanks, cyber kid. We have copies of The Alchemyst in the library system. It looks pretty good. Man, there are just too many good books out there for us to keep up. That's why we're glad all you are out there to tell everyone about them. I'm reading a really good fantasy series called Erec Rex. Ever hear of it? Ever read it? This is one that everyone should read. It's tremendous and you'll about it soon!!

Our friends over at the Guys Read blog had a post recently called "What's More Macho?" (go over and take a look) They were talking about an old but good book named Kon-Tiki, in which a bunch adventurous scientists, or "heroic nerds," sailed across the Pacific Ocean on a reed boat. Along the way, they caught sharks with their bare hands!! What could be more macho than that? That's the Guys Read bloggers wanted to know. Well I've got an answer--letting a cockroach crawl up your arm!!! Look at that! Some unknown and brave young fellow let this huge bug go up his arm at the Big Buggy Ball here at Imaginon. Yipes!! He's braver than I am!!

What about you guys? What do you think's more macho than catching a shark bare-handed or letting giant bugs crawl on your skin??


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Melanie said...

Carl! That's not a cockroach. Its a beetle. I think it was the click beetle. :)