Friday, August 29, 2008

Rock, Rock To You Drop!!!!!!!

Two of my heroes Alice Cooper (Rock Star) and Kermit The Frog (popular entertainer)

I remember when I was about 11 or 12 (maybe older; as you get older your memory gets more and more fuzzy) making a major discovery that would change my life forever. That discovery was "Rock 'n' Roll" with one of my favorite rockers at the time being Alice Cooper (on the right in the picture above, the one who is not green or a frog). He was kinda scary but also a whole lot of fun. My parents hated him and his music and could not understand what I saw in him. Even though they did not like the music or him, they let me buy his records and watch him on the T.V. whenever he was on. My parents were cool in that way. Now that doesn't mean that they wanted me to see and hear things they thought were vulgar or inappropriate, but after watching him and listening to his songs they decided that even though they still did not care for him that it was okay if I wanted to listen and watch him. So I did and had a bunch of fun doing so. He is still one of my rock heroes to this very day. I like his music and who he is as a human being (I just finished reading his autobiography he wrote in 2007). Anyway enough of my reminiscing, lets talk about a really cool book, besides the Alice Cooper one, that I just finished reading that also involves Rock.

Ironhand: Book Two of The Stoneheart Trilogy by Charlie Fletcher - This book takes of where Stoneheart (click HERE to see my review of that book), the first book in the trilogy, left off. It takes off like a rocket and doesn't stop the whole way through the story. The story starts with George and Edie determined to rescue the Gunner who has been captured by the evil and mysterious Walker. Now I know some of you are scratching your head asking who or what is a Gunner and a Walker. Well this story is set in a London that most people are not even aware exists. In this London, stone statues and carvings are very much alive. The statues in London are divided into two types. The taints (gargoyles, dragons and other sorts of inhuman stone creations) are evil soulless creatures. The spits (The Gunner and other more or less human looking statues, but not always as we see in this book) whom are akin to humans in that they have souls and tend, for the most part, to be on the side of good. What it really boils down to is what the statue makers intended them to represent and thus become. The Gunner is a statue of a World War I English Soldier who helped George and Edie quite a bit in "Stoneheart." The Gunner is the Walker's prisoner because of this help after George inadvertently set off a war between the taints and spits. The Walker, a sinister sorcerer type, is a servant of dark powers and leads the taints in their war against the spits. This book moves through both present day and the past. The reader travels with the characters from present to World War I to a pre-industrialized England and other strange places and times. This book is full of wonderful twists and turns that will keep the reader turning page after page. One word of advice, if you really want to enjoy this book fully, you should definitely read Stoneheart first. Man, I can hardly wait for the next book!!!! They are that good!!!!!!!!!

Checkout some of these real statues in London that some of the characters in the books may be based on:

Interesting stuff, eh? Well I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend and peace,


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