Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Old Book Prospector Finds Gold! (in Erec Rex)

Hey, pals, this is Carl. I've asked an old friend to help me talk about some really great books:

There are a lot of good fantasy books out there. There are a lot of very good fantasy books, such as The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander and The Tiger's Apprentice by Laurence Yep, but there are only a few that make you sit back and say, "Whoa!!!" Well, Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye and Erec Rex Book 2: The Monsters of Otherness by Kaza Kingsley are two such books. How many words can I use to tell you about them? Fantastic?? Outstanding?? Unbelievably Good?? They would all fit.

There are a lot of things to like about Erec. He's smart yet baffled by all the strange things that happen (just like you or I would be), brave, loyal to his friends and mom, ready to fight the bullies that torment him, and also ready to face the incredible dangers that threaten his mom and the underworld kingdoms. He's a guy you can root for. And there are plenty of times to cheer him on because both the lands of Upper Earth, as well as the underworld kingdoms, are in big danger from Thanatos Baskania, the bad guy of this series. Every good fantasy has a bad guy and the truly wonderful fantasies have very creepy and sinister bad guys. That's Thanatos Baskania. Not only is he evil, but he's disgusting to look at. The first time you see him, you'll go "Yuck!"
But I'm starting to take too long. Here are some other reasons to like these books:

Funny--there are a lot of things to make you laugh or smile. You'll meet really wacky characters( like the Memory Mogul), find out how the Magic Net works, what happens in rooms in a sideways castle when the gravity doesn't work right, why people from Upper Earth are Losers and have big "L's" right where a Loser should, and why the transportation centers have lots of UnderWear shops! Plus there are some of the funniest and most clever names I've seen in a long time, like Oscar Felix, Balthazar Ugry, Jam Crinklecut, Al's Well and Ed's Well, and President Inkle of the Green House.
Monsters--the destroyers and the Shadow Demons are now on my Most Fearsome Creatures of All Time list. And Erec has to get past them to get his mom out of the dungeon!!! Whew!!! Can he do it? Could ANYONE?? These monsters are the deadliest things you could imagine. And ONE Shadow Demon is worth 20 of any other monster! Plus you have Damon and Balor Stain and their gang, some of the nastiest bullies you'll ever come across--and they want to become the next kings of the underworld kingdoms! And they have a really good chance !!!
Action, Adventure, Excitement--all here!! Once you get into these books, you won't to stop. You'll hate when you have to stop reading and look forward to when you can pick it up again. This is terrific reading, guys!!! Go check them out!!!
PS--There will be a third book out on October 1. Oh, boy!

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