Friday, August 15, 2008

Percy Jackson Audio Book Club and Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Riordan!

Hey, guys, it's Carl. We had the second meeting of our Percy Jackson Summer Bookclub last Saturday. It was a smaller group than in June (not at all unusual, since people take vacations before school starts) so we had only three guys. But, since we had a smaller group, I decided to try something different; we held an audio book club. I got the laptop from our technowizards and recorded the guys as we talked about the 3rd and 4th PJ books. Boy, did we have fun! You can hear the results.

(BTW, that's Alex in the Camp Half-Blood shirt, Mikey behind him, and Orsilio on the other side)

There's a picture here of waves crashing against rocks. It's a still picture. It doesn't move throughout the entire audiocast. Why's that? I can't load an audio onto this blog as I could a video. So I had to make the blog think there's a video in that space in order to get the audio in. So listen up and you'll the guys and me have fun talking about Percy Jackson. And if I had to put a picture in, why not have one to remind us of Percy's home element?

After we were finished with that, we had some fun. Well, at least what Ares would consider fun. Since we had 3 mighty heroes in the room, we set up an Ares Battle Station. (the bottom reads, "Can you handle it, punk?") Since real bronze would be too dangerous in the hands of such skilled warriors, we gave them much safer weapons----

-----letover rolls of Chritmas wrapping paper!! Here you see the Amazing Alex and the Magnificent Mikey squaring off. The Awesome Orsilio did battle also, so all three got to test each other's mettle. The three heroes were so evenly mathced that they fought to a draw. Beware, then, all monsters!! You don't stand a chance with three such champions in the land!

And to prove that the Riordans are nice people, here's a picture of our own coworker Leah happily showing off her new Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. Mr. and Mrs. Riordan sent it to us (allong with some extras) simply because Leah has become a big fan. The Riordans have been so good to us that we want to send a great big THANK YOU!!!
We appreciate it,

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan said...

Hey Bill, Carl, & now Zack,

It's great that you guys have had the second meeting of the Percy Jackson club! It's even coooler that you decided to record it and put it onto your blog. I hope your club continues to go well!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan from Guys Read