Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Michael Phelps a Son of Poseidon Like Percy Jackson? And Good-Bye to Melanie

Well, think about it---Percy is powerful in the water; Michael is powerful in the water. Percy has ADHD; so does Michael. Coincidence??? Hmmmmmm......

Of course, someone is bound to say, " But Michael Phelps is 23 years old. He turned 16 before Percy. Why didn't he claim the ancient prophecy?" Don't you remember that Grover said in the first book that some demigods never find out about their parentage and grow up to be famous people due to their remarkable abilities.

"OK, why didn't the monsters get his scent and track him down?" PLEASE--ask me a hard question!! The answer is obvious--the monsters didn't catch his demigod scent because of all that chlorine in all those swimming pools!!

And now it's time to bid goodbye to a good coworker and friend and frequent writer to our blog--our Resident Grief Giver, Melanie. It seemed that she wrote in only to point out mistakes (imagine that--US, making mistakes!!) but she was a fan of our blog and was a pretty cool person too. She was so cool that we gave her the greatest honor we could bestow and made her an Honorary Guy. How could you get any better than that? Melanie left last Friday to become media specialist at a brand-new school. We wish her all the best. Let us hear from you again, Melanie--but if you wait until we make another mistake, you might have to wait until you're 100 years old!!!

Here's a mini-gallery of Melanie

Melanie first showed up as Mystery Mel. Was she a boy or a girl? I had to use my incredible brain to figure it out.

Here's when I slept in my office all night to get the fourth Percy Jackson book and didn't shower or brush my teeth.

Here's Melanie with Bill, aka Captain Jack Bond. She's pretty cool--cool enough to be an Honoray Guy!

Good Luck!!

Carl and Bill

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Anonymous said...

And Michael Phelps' mother is a single mom. Hmmmmm!