Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bill and Carl Are Proud to Present a New Member of the Team!!

Bill and I have been running this blog for over a year now. Well, we have have a new friend who's been dying to join our team, so let's welcome ZACK, a new librarian who joined PLCMC a little while ago and works at the Matthews library. In fact, here's a video to introduce him to all of you: (be careful--the opening music may blast out your eardrums!)

Yes, it will be interesting having a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord on the same blog! But, in the spirit of the ancient Greeks who called a truce on all wars while the Olympics were on, Zack and Bill have agreed not to cut each other in half--not yet, anyway.

But why listen to me? Let's get Zack to introduce himself. Heeeeere's Zack!

Hey, Guys, it's great to be here. I would like to extend a big thanks to Carl and Bill for inviting me to be a part of this blog! I'll do my best to find great books to tell you guys about. I am currently reading the new Tony DiTerlizzi book Kenny & the Dragon. You should see my review of that soon.

The reason I am glad to be here is that my favorite thing about being in a library is hearing about how much guys like to read! We all know that guys make better readers than girls, and it is time we let the world know! To let you know what kind of stuff I like to read, my top 5 reads for guys are: Bone, Gregor the Overlander, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, the Lemony Snicket books and pretty much anything related to Batman!

As you probably noticed in the video we put together, I am a Jedi Master. I will agree to hold off chopping Darth Bill in half in the spirit of the Olympic games (but only as long as he behaves himself!).

Thanks, Zack. We're glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to hearing from you. Not looking forward to being the one who has to bring balance to the Force! Yeeesh!


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