Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lord Vader Kicks and Scores! and Scores! and Scores! and...

Whoa!!Mikey (aka Lord Vader) has come raoring back on the last day with not just one but FIVE reviews! Four of them are nonfiction. Let's see them:

After watching some of the Olympics I wanted to learn about some of my favorite sports, so I checked out a few non fiction books. My first one was "Women of Sports: The Best of the Best in Track and Field" by Rachel Rutledge. At first I didn't pay attention to the women part of it, I thought it was just a track book, but it was pretty cool. It gives you a history about women in track first and one part was really funny when it talks about a guy that pretended to be a woman and ended up getting in trouble with the law. It also talks about some of the great women athletes and about how they got into the sport they were in. I liked this one and I think other people that are into track would like it also.

My next non fiction is called "A True Book: Cycling" by Christin Ditchfield. It tells you all about the different types of cycles there are and even tells you about the very first ones. I like the discs they put over their spokes to cut down on the wind that will slow them down. I think I like the BMX bikes the most because you can do a lot of tricks with them. I like this book also.

The last non fiction sports one I read was "Beginning Golf" by Julie Jensen. I have always wanted to play golf and I learned a lot from this book. It tells you about the clubs and shoes you need. It also shows you the swings you should use and what clubs to use for different swings. At the end of the book they give you an example of how to play the game by giving you a story about 4 teens playing out a game. It also shows you how to score your game using par and bogey. I think anyone starting out in golf would like to read this, I did.

My last non fiction book is about Greece. It ties into the Olympics because the first games were played there. It is called "History Opens Windows: The Ancient Greeks" by Pat Taylor. It had some great information about how the Greeks lived, about their homes and tools. I liked the doctor tool page. The tweezers are huge. I think they should bring back chariot racing in the Olympics. That was one of the old games that they stopped doing. It would be cool to watch. I liked this book, I think others would also.

My last review is for a fiction book. It's "Star Wars Boba Fett : Hunted, A Clone Wars Novel by Elizabeth Hand. It takes place after the other one I read where Boba had to escape Aura Sing. He heads to Tatooine in this one to find Jabba the Hutt. He wants the knowledge his father said he could get from Jabba. But when he gets to Tatooine he has no money and winds up meeting a group of thieves when they steal his helmet and book that his dad left him. He finds out they are orphans that have no choice but to steal. He gets his things back but when he meets Jabba he finds out that Jabba wants the thieves killed for stealing from him. So while he tries to go after the bad guy that is making the kids steal he also has a bounty hunter after him. I really liked this book, it shows a kid can do a lot if they have to. That is my review for now.

Mikie (a.k.a. Lord Vader)

Good going, Lord Vader. I always knew that nonfiction is not boring and you have just proved it. Let's see, that's 4 nonfiction reviews at 2 points each plus one point for the fiction, giving you 9 points for this entry. With the 2 points you already have, you've got a grand total of 11 points and that puts you way in the lead!! But the day's not over--every one still has until 6:00 pm today to get more reviews in. That includes you, Lord Vader. You never know who might burn one in at the last minute.


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