Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Together Now....

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Beatles!!!!!

"All Together Now" by The Beatles (my most favorite band ever!!!!!)

One, two, three, four can I have a little more?
Five, six, seven eight nine ten I love you.
A, B, C, D can I bring my friend to tea? E, F, G H I J I love you.
Bum bum bum, bum pa bum sail the ship,
bum pa bum chop the tree
bum pa bum skip the rope,
Look at me
All together now....

And now some book reviews:

Bone: Treasure Hunters, Volume 8 by Jeff Smith - Fresh into the PLCMC Library's Graphic Novel Collection is the latest instalment of the Bone Series. Well kids things are really getting interesting in the Bone Graphic Novel Series. In this instalment the Bone Cousins (Phoney, Smiley and Fone Bone), Gran'ma Ben, Thorn and Bartleby have gained entrance into the once great ruling city of Atheia. Inside and outside the city things are not well. Outside the city Ghost Circles are everywhere and Briar (Gran'ma Ben's Sister) is gathering both rat creatures and human warriors to serve the Lord of the Locust and bring an end to all. Inside the city things are not all that great either as our heroes must contend with Tarsil, The Captain of the Queen's Guard, who has turned traitor and now rules the city. So besides the dragons disappearing, enemies all around who would like nothing better than to find and crush the former royal linage of the kingdom (that would be Thorn and Gran'ma Ben) and all that support it, the nearing release the Lord of the Locust into the world and all other types of nastiness; everything is just great!!!!!! I tell ya, you need to get ahold of this latest volume as soon as possible and read it. This is really just awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!

The Strongest Man in the World: Louis Cyr by Nicolas Debon - This Graphic Novel tells the true life story of Louis Cyr who could have actually been the strongest man in the world, ever! In his lifetime he performed such astounding events as lifting a huge draft horse on his back, lifting huge boulders that weighed well over 450 pounds, resisting the pull of four horses weighing 1,200 pound each, lifting a 553 pound weight with one finger and many more outstanding featsof strength. He even owned his own circus. At his final performance as a strong man he lifted on his back a platform with 18 men standing on it that weighed approximately 4,300 pounds. Both the writing and artwork are really outstanding. This is a fascinating biography about a very interesting man.

One last thing I would like to share with you guys is a very special Comics Camp we had in July with Dave McDonald creator/writer/artist of "The Secret Adventures of Hamster Sam: Attack of the Evil Boll Weevils!" (coming to the PLCMC Library System very soon) The program was lots of fun and all who attended had a great time. Check out some photos from the event:

Dave talking about making comics.

Dave showing everyone how to draw Hamster Sam.

One of the attendees of the event drawing his own character for the entire room on the spot!!!!!(nerves of steel I tell ya)

Some of the attendees hard at work creating their own comic masterpieces!!!!!

This program was a blast!!!

If you are interested in attending future Comic Camps keep on the lookout here and at the ImaginOn Web Site for when the next one will be. We should have another no later than September with the most awesome team of Herc and John returning (hope you guys are enjoying your summer and we miss seeing you)!!!!!

Whelp, until the next blog. Wagon Train Hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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