Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Star Wars Review from Lord Vader and Some Summer Goofiness!

Hey, one and all, Lord Vader has given us another good review of a Star Wars book:

I just finished "Star Wars Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception" by Jude Watson. It picks up the story shortly after Anakin becomes Darth Vader and when Leia is just a small child. It takes place on Alderaan when Leia's presence is felt in the force because of her strength in it. The dark side doesn't know who is causing a ripple in the force but they want to find the being and deal with it. I thought this book was great and I think other readers that like the Star Wars movies will like this book as well. I can't wait to see the Clone Wars movie on August 15th.

Mikie a.k.a Lord Vader

I can't either, Lord Vakie, I mean, Mider, I mean Mikie. BTW, all you sith and jedi out there, keep your eyes on this blog for some interesting developments!

Now here's some totally goofy summer fun. This is a clip from an old movie. I put it in here because it features the great Spike Jones. I'm a bigggg fan of his. He was a bandleader wayyy back in the day and was famous for taking hit songs of the times and doing crazy things to them. He'd put car horns, hiccups, pistol shots, gargling, and other wierd noises into the songs and make fit in time with the music! In this scene, some lady is singing for a party but doesn't know that Spike Jones is the bandleader. Someone tires to warn her, but too late!!! Go look for some of his music--it may be hard to find now, but go look because it's funny, funny, funny!!!!

Did you know that he even had a TV show??? What must that have been like???

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