Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's Keep This Discussion Going!

Hey, everyone, I hope you had a good Fourth. We certainly did--went to an awesome cookout and saw great fireworks downtown. Did any of you do anything cool?

We've got a new comment from our good friend Hacksaw Jim Duggan from the Guys Read blog. He's got a question for Cassiemoonlight, who worte to us on 7-1. Here's Jim:

Hey guys,

I saw the comment made by Cassie, and I've got a question for her..Why would you not want Percy to hook up with Annabeth??I finished the "Battle of the Labrynth" and I personally think it's the best in the series so far. Obviously, Percy can't go out with Calypso because he'll never find her island again. As for Rachel, I think that she likes Percy, but I think if he had a choice, Percy would rather go out with Annabeth. So, please answer my question Cassie, because I would like to know...

Hacksaw Jim Duggan from Guys Read

Good question, Jim! Who would Percy end up with? Annabeth? Rachel? Or even Calypso? What would you like to happen? I'll throw this question out to everybody, including Cassie. Who should Percy end up with?

Inquiring readers want to know,


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Lord Vader said...

I just finished "The Battle of the Labyrinth" by Rick Riordan and I loved it. I liked this book even better than the other three (they were great also though). I loved the battle at the camp and all the action that came with it. I think Percy should be with Annabeth. They have been through a lot together and know what kind of life a child of a god or goddess lives. They are always having to deal with monsters so they can relate to each other. I can't wait to see what happens to him now that he is 15 since the prophecy is suppose to affect either him or possibly Nico (but most likely him) when they turn 16.

Mikie (a.k.a. Lord Vader)