Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fantastic! A Comment AND a Review Already!!

All right!! Anonymous has written to us about today's post already and sent an interesting review:

YIKES!!!You are right,that Blond has to be from a VERY bad dream!

Hummmm if you like old detective movies I suggest you might like reading, The Falcons Malteser A Diamond brothers Mystery By Anthony Horowitz It is a funny and clever spoof of Bogart-inspired private-eye detective films. Bogart references are everywhere, from the title (the Falcon is a crime lord, who has hidden the secret to his diamond stash in a box of "Malteasers," malted-milk chocolate candies), to the appearance of a world-weary cabaret singer named Lauren Bacardi who performs at the Casablanca Club. 13 year old Nick's older brother, Herbert (aka Tim Diamond), is one of the worst detectives there has ever been. Nick
helps him every step of the way because he needs all the help he can get. Mr. Horowitz provides a collection of the usual sorts of eccentric suspects—a dead dwarf, a crazed criminal professor "who invented computer fraud five years before someone invented the computer, and the oddly thin "Fat Man" who poisons London's pigeons just for fun. There are murders aplenty (including one of a department-store Santa). Nick narrates the story. The end of the story left me looking forward to the next installment of Nick's adventures. And about bad dreams with not so pretty blonds in them, may I suggest no more garlic and soy ice cream or whatever wierd stuff late night snacks there are to be had.

Thanks, Anonymous. The Falcon's Maltesers looks really good. The library has copies but we don't have one here at Imagionon. Too bad. BTW, did you see our review of Key Lardo on 7-10-07? Good for younger guys, it has lots of titles based on old detective movies, and are a lot of fun. And I know about Malteasers--they are the the ultimate malted milk ball candy. I thought you could get them only in England or Europe, but I've found them here in Charlotte at a store that imports British foods. YUM YUM!!! Maybe I'll eat some tonight before going to sleep and have better dreams!!!!

PS--If this is your first review for us, Anonymous, don't forget to come into the library at Imaginon and get your free book.

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