Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Of the Great Guy Books Of All Time

I'm talking about Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Now I wasn't sure whether or not to write about this amazing book because a lot of kids have to read it for school and I thought a lot of you might have read it already. But, since I'm going back and talking about some of my old favorites, I decided to include this one. Besides, this book is so doggone good that I couldn't resist!! Every guy needs to read this one!!

Thirteen-year-old Brian's parents have split up. Brian "gets" to spend summers with his father and the school year with his mother. Brian's father lives in Canada, so Brian finds himself in a two-seater plane, flying across the Canadian wilderness. All of a sudden the pilot has a heart attack!! Brian manages to crash land the plane in a lake and escape to dry land, but there he is. Alone. In the wilderness. No idea where he is. No way to contact anyone. No food. Only the clothes he's wearing, a tattered windbreaker, and a hatchet that his mom gave him to remember her by. How will he survive? How would you do it? It will take every bit of imagination and toughness he has. This book really makes you feel how tough it would be. This is not a weekend by the lake--one slight mistake and you could die, hundreds of miles away from anyone. Gary Paulsen has written one of the most thrilling and realistic survival books ever and I can't say enough about it. Well, yes I can--go and get it NOW!!!! This would be one the best books you'll read this summer.

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