Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Summer Fun!!!!!

Well, Well, I hope you all are having a fun and pleasant summer while I, the-Sith-who-scares his-own-bad-self, Darth Bill works extra hard helping out the many denizens of the universe in need. It is a thankless job, but here are some pretty good photos of my good works this summer:

Giving the
Sandpeople girlfriend advice. Women, dealing with these creatures despite the species, can be most challenging.

Explaining to Ewoks why they can't ride really cool coasters like on the left because they are not tall enough for the ride requirements.

Trying to explain to Lord Vader that pastels are not the new black!!!!!!!!!

Some exciting news here at the library on the comic book front. We are now receiving in the Spangler Room at ImaginOn the following monthly comic titles:

1) The Batman Strikes
2) Marvel Adventures Spider-Man
3) Scooby-Doo!!!
4) DC's Super Friends
5) Tiny Titans

They're located with the magazines toward the back of the Spangler Room. So come by and read the latest issues of these titles and older issues you may have missed.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke - What if you when you read aloud, the possibility of characters from a book leaving the pages of said book into our world existed? Do you think it would be pretty cool? Would you risk it? You may want to read this book first before you answer that question. The story begins with Mo and his daughter Meggie, 12 years old, are visited by an old friend of Mo's Dustfinger late one night. Calling Meggie's father Silvertongue, it seems Dustfinger has come to warn him that an old acquaintance of his named Capricorn has located him and will be coming after him and a book that he is very protective named "Inkheart." It seems that Mo has a secret that his daughter does not know about. The ability to read characters from the pages of books, but little control in determining who comes out and no ability, that he knows, of putting them back. Thus starts a great adventure in which fictional characters are brought to life from such works as the book in this story, Peter Pan, Tales from the Arabian Nights and others. This book has great villains such as Capricorn, a man who rules through terror, his evil henchmen and a creature Capricorn wants read into existence whose mere touch or breath brings death known as The Shadow. This book has a great story and many great characters, many more than I have mentioned, and I highly recommend giving it a go over. Two thumbs up!!!!!!

The Batman Strikes #46 by Russell Lissau & Christopher Jones - This is one of the new comics we are now getting in the Spangler Room and one of my favorites to read. This issue's villain is big, green, scaly and just has awful manners when it comes to dealing with Batman, Robin and Batgirl. It's Killer Croc and he's robbing the town of roses, stuffed teddy bears, pretty trinkets, er........ Does this sound a bit odd to you? Well it's up to our costumed crusaders to figure it out and stop his vile, if a bit odd, crime spree!!!! Good Stuff!!!!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #41 by Marc Sumerak & Ryan Stegman - Peter Parker, like all kids in high school, dreams of the day he can get his driver's license and sit behind the wheel of his very own cool ride. Peter, in this issue, is getting his big chance to show his driving prowess to his Driver's Ed teacher, Mr. Cornblum. Peter is ready and things are looking up--um, that is until Man-Bull shows up on his driving route. Will Peter pass Driver's Education? Will Spider-Man defeat Man-Bull? Will there be mayhem and comedy? Only one way to find out. Give this issue a read. You won't be disappointed that you did.

Well, that's all I have for now, hipcats!!!!! Until next time take it light,

Darth Bill

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