Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Side of Gary Paulsen, a Great Book For Summer, and a Good Quick Read)

I got so excited about Gary Paulsen after writing that last post that I went and found another one of his books, Lawn Boy. Guess what--it's funny! Who wold have ever thought it, after such a serious book as Hatchet?

Have you ever tried to make money by mowing lawns? I certainly did. Never got rich, but made some spending money. Well, through a series of crazy circumstances, a twelve-year-old guy gets a lawn mower and becomes incredibly rich--in less than a week!! The hero of this story is sitting around, trying to figure how to make some money to buy an inner tube for his bike, when his grandmother brings his grandfather's old (and I mean really old) riding mower as a birthday present. Heyyyy--thanks??? is his reaction because they hardly have any yard. But suddenly all the neighbors start asking him to cut their lawns and he starts making good money. How does he become rich in a week? Mainly through stockbroker named Arnold who drinks hippie tea and wears 70's disco clothes. And before it's over, he finds himself in ownership of a prize fighter named Joey Pow who always wants to "pinch their heads." This book is fast, funny, and full of crazy incidents. A really fun read.

In fact, I'm going to create a new categroy called "Good Quick Reads. If you look underneath any of our posts, you'll see categories such as "Fantasy" or "Mystery" or "Rick Riordan." When you click on that category, it pulls up all the posts related to that category. So, if you're looking for Good Quick Reads (and who isn't?), click and see.
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DUDE! We read this book and LOVED IT!!! We especially liked it because we started a lawn mowing business this summer... I DO HAVE TO SAY... we agreed that having a RIDING MOWER will make you MORE RICH and LESS CRANKY... because ours is a push mower and we think it STINKS! BUT we are hoping to get RICH.