Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lightsaber Construction, Fencing, Ninja Baseball and Wolverine!!!

Hello all you cool hep cats in "The Land of Blog," tis I Darth Bill with some extra cool goodies to share with all!!!!!

First I want to talk about the very exciting and intensive Jedi/Sith Lightsaber Construction Workshop we had here at ImaginOn on 6/25/09. Well about 19 guys showed up and some made (sigh) Jedi Lightsabers while other made (YES!!!!) Sith Lightsabers. We then proceeded to learn some basic fencing moves and held a competition to see who was the best Lightsaber User!!!!! I have included some pictures below:

Young Jedi and Sith gathering to
obtain the materials needed to
construct a proper Lightsaber.

Darth Bill giving the
Jedi and Sith
a very
basic Fencing Tutorial.

Our Victorious Lightsaber Fencing Champion Darth ????? (We did not get your name young Sith. Comment on this Blog and we will set that right.)

The Mighty Darth Bill taking on the entire group!!!! (My how brave I am)

The Graduating Class
of Darth Bill's Lightsaber
Construction and Training
Class 2009!!!!!!

And now for something completly different, reviews of READS:

Ninja Baseball Kyuma by Shunshin Maeda - Okay, what happens when you mix baseball and a young ninja named Kyuma Hattori? Well I can tell you one thing for sure; a very funny manga. The story starts with a lovable but somewhat odd assortment of baseball players whose team name is "The Moonstar City Youth Baseball Club." They are decent, but lacking in something that prevents them from being great. That all changes one day when the captain of the baseball team, Kaoru, is wondering through the forest and comes across Kyuma, the last of his ninja clan, and Inui his pet dog. Kaoru observes some of Kyuma's abilities and begins to think that they would be well applied in the game of baseball. Kyuma is very anxious to give baseball a try, but has much to learn as he knows nothing about how it is played (many funny parts of the story occur from Kyuma's misunderstandings). So if you like baseball and ninjas along with good laughs, this is definitely a manga you should take a look at!!!!!!!!!

Wolverine: Worst Day Ever by Barry Lyga - Wow!!!! I have to tell you guys, this book rocked in a serious way!!!! Imagine you are 12 years old and all of a sudden your mutant ability kicks in. Pretty cool huh? Well not so much for Eric Mattias. You see his mutant power turns out to be that everyone forgets he is around. Say he is sitting watching T.V., people don't notice him and change the channel and/or they might even sit on him because they don't notice he is there. Worst he finds it very hard to have friends because every time he is hanging out with people his own age, they forget all about him. Anyway he is a newbie at the Xavier School for the Gifted and that is his situation. He is miserable because of his condition and always getting into trouble with Professor X because he gets bored and does things that he is not supposed to do (hey I would probably to if no one payed me any attention hardly ever). The Professor is about the only mutant who can see and focus on Eric or at least Eric thinks so. I know I have not said much about Wolverine up to this point, but he plays a major role in Eric's life in this book along with the very unsavory Sabertooth. This book is written in a blog style format, as Eric is basically blogging about his day to day life at the school. Also as a bonus, 3 comic book stories starring Wolverine and Power Pack are included. Two Thumbs Up!!!!!

Until next time all, Peace,


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