Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Battle of the Bums--I Mean Bands

Hey, all you rockers in blogland, we have a new contest! You've heard of "battles of the bands" in which bands compete to see who's the best, right? Well, we at the Boys Rule Boys Read blog like to do things differently. We're holding "THE BATTLE OF THE BUMS." Read on to see how it works.

But first I have to say that Mick, Paul, and Sting will have to look out because TWO NEW ROCK STAR ARE BORN!!! Everyone will soon forget about Elvis, Roger Daltry, Eddie Van Halen, or Jon Bon Jovi because these major talents have taken the stage. The first is BILL STRUMMER, lead singer for THE CRASH. Here he is at the Imaginon Arena, rocking the crowd like they've never been rocked before:

The second is CARL GHERKINS, backed up by SMASHING PICKLES:

Wow, was that ROCK AND ROLL!!!???

Well, maybe not.

That's why we call this "The Battle of the Bums." Instead of seeing which band in the battle is better, we want to know which one is WORSE!!

Now it's YOUR turn--vote for which singer is WORSE. Who stinks up a song more--Bill or Carl? Vote on the poll in the upper left hand corner! The "winner" will appear in another music video, singing a song and wearing an outfit picked by Ellen. That's right, Ellen of the Girls Read Girls Rule (the World) blog. Yes, the same Ellen who went before the Court of Cosmic Justice and was called Evil Ellen by Darth Bill. Now Ellen has her chance for REVENGE! So go and VOTE!!! We'll anounce the "winner" on Monday.


FRL_devinwithani said...

You should have seen us rocking out at Freedom. Maybe we need librarian rockband tournament.

Anonymous said...

The agony, The pain! Make them STOP!!! Guys don't quit your day jobs!