Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Is Great! Two More People Write In!

Hey, fellow readers in blogville, it's Carl as well, terribly excited about hearing from two people this morning! The first is Spartacus Kilroy, founder of the great Port-O-Door website. It's an Erec Rex fansite run by teens--reader guys (and girls) just like you! Spartacus says:

Hey, Spartacus Kilroy here, the founder of Port-O-Door, and I'd just like to say thanks for linking to us! I love your site! Also, Search for Truth was flabbergastingly amazing! I managed to win a signed advance reviewer's copy from the Erec Rex forum,, so after I read it I had to wait a month or two until I could finally expand upon it's awesomeness, but now I realize it's just too awesome for words.

Thanks, Spartacus! Take a look at their site everyone. It's terrific! I'm in chapter 3 of The Search for Truth and enjoying it. Boy, Erec gets in trouble right away! Kaza Kingsley wastes no time getting the action started!

We also have a review from Jana Warnell, a school librarian, a mom of boys, and faithful follower of this blog:

I have a book review for you! Have you read any of the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson? Great books with the concept of James Bond as a teen--but set in the 1930's. The first two were okay, readable and full of action, but the third, Double or Die, was great! Could hardly put it down. After I was finished I had to run and watch Casino Royale and make a James Bond ringtone for my phone--it was that good!

And thanks to you too, Jana! I've heard the first two Young Bond books were Ok and it's good to hear this one is really good. This was a good review and we appreciate it. Have we made you an Honorary Guy yet? You guys might want to check with your parents before you get any James Bond movies, though, because they always have a lot of--well, I hate to say it--kissing involved. Yes, there are car chases and shooting and things blowing up but there's always kissing. It's only my duty to warn you.

There's one more bit of news for all of you, especially if you were at the Star Wars Camps at the Matthews or Imaginon libraries. We're having our Star Wars Camp Grand Finale on Thursday, July 30 here at Imaginon at 2 pm. We'll have a speaker talk about Luke Skywalker as the Epic Hero, snacks, and show the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie. Registration starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Call 704-416-4630 to register. Hope to see you there!


Jana Warnell said...

Yes, thankfully you have made me an honorary guy. I am totally honored. Just what I need--more guy-ness in my life. Gotta go--headed to Harry Potter!!

Jana Warnell said...

Also, another idea--my older son seems to only love funny books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid...) so to get him reading something I pulled out an oldie but a goodie, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. He whipped through it and is on to Superfudge! Yay Fudge!!