Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And We Have Another One--About the Owly Graphic Novel!

Yes, my friends, we have another review today! You all are sharp!

Ha, ha, ha. Don't tax my brain!! Har, har har!! I get the point! Oh, hardee har har!!!!!!!!!
Well, let's hear from anonymous before I pass out from laughing:

I'd like to post a book review.Owly, Volume 5 : Tiny Tales by Andy RuntonI know most of the folks who read this blog read books with lots of words in them. I offer this book that doesn't use words to tell the stories. "Tiny Tales" is the 5th graphic novel in the Owly series.Along with the stories is a section called "How to Draw Owly". I hope you check out this great book and tell your friends about it too.

Thanks, anonymous! Yes, most of our readers like books with lots of words, but we try to look out for everyone here. That's we also like to hear about books with few words--or NO words! All our Owly graphic novels are checked out or I'd go get one and look at it now. You've made me curious. I'll keep my eyes open for them!

Don't forget to come and get your free book!

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Anonymous said...

: )! Just to show I DO read books with LOTS of words, I'm now sending in a review for "The Stardust Kid"
by J.M. Dematteis and Mike Ploog.
I believe it was first a comic series. What I just finished was the graphic novel version. Cody DiMarco, Alana, K.M. & Nathaniel find themselves going on a strange adventure to search for the mysterious Stardust Kid to save the world as they know it, after Cody's friend Paul Brightfield disappears. One important thing to keep in mind is Paul isn't human. Instead, he is a magical being.
The story is very exciting. The drawings are detailed and the colors are bright! There is a nice balance between realistic and fantastic. I think anyone in the
4th grade and older wouldn't have any problem reading this excellent book.